My Travel Hotspots

In my 23 years I have traveled to 29 countries, 13 on my ‘gap yah’ alone.

My ambition is to keep filling up passports with stamps from all over the world.

My Top 5 Countries (so far)

Lefkas Beach GreeceGreece 

You could spend a lifetime exploring Greece. I’ve been to four different islands and they have all been unique . I haven’t even started on the mainland yet!

Check out some of the posts I’ve written on Greece:

Kitten Rescue in Corfu

Restaurant Review: Rachi, Lefkas

A Wander Around Vassilisi, Lefkas

Aye, Aye Cap’n

Beaches and Expanding Bellies

Lunching in Lefkas

An Introduction to Lefkas

Kavos – How to Avoid Holiday Snobbery

Island Hopping El Nido 11The Philippines

The first stop on my #gaplife journey was everything I wanted it to be and more. Amazing scenery, lovely people and the cheapest beer in the world. What more could you want?!

I’ve written loads on the Philippines so check out the archives here.

Barbados Palm TreesBarbados

This one is pretty self-explanatory. A stunning, welcoming and safe Island, Barbados has it all from picture-postcard beaches to plenty of rum and reggae!

Read more about Barbados here:

What Not to Miss in Barbados

Picture Perfect Barbados

Melbourne 9Australia

I instantly fell in love with Oz. Before my ‘gap yah’ it had never been a place that had appealed to me. It seemed too much of an obvious place to love. Yet Oz cast its spell on me, showing off its laid back beaches and outdoor lifestyle. I’m hooked. So much so that I’ve just moved to Melbourne!

Have a look what I’ve been up to in Oz here.


It’s a backpacker cliché but I loved Thailand. I first visited in 2011 and fell in love with the people and the amazing scenery. Unfortunately I don’t think I would feel the same if I went back now. Tourism has reared its ugly head in Thailand and the onslaught of 7/11s and tourist scams are making backpackers think twice before they jet off here.

The Top Countries on the To-Do List


The whole of South America

South Africa


The more pins the merrier! This map shows all the places I have been lucky enough to visit, still many more to tick off…

Google Map Pins

Where have you been? Where are your favorite destinations? Let me know and make me jealous!

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