Life Update 1

An Update on Life Since the Blogging Blackout

Life Update 1Ahh, it has been so long! I feel like not blogging has Been more stressful than frantically tapping out a couple of posts a week. I feel like I’m missing out on documenting important memories and being involved in interesting travel conversations.

So I’m back! Still sporadically and mainly just to update y’all and save my sanity. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the 8 weeks since my last blog post.

Life Update 4

Sunset at Yallingup


  • We have finally completed our 88 days to secure our 2nd year Australian visa. WOO! Despite passing this milestone, we are still at the dairy caring for the baby calves and getting shat on whilst milking their mummas. So why haven’t we scarpered? We need the cash for our upcoming adventures (more on that below!) so we will be covered in fecal matter for a couple of weeks longer.

    Life Update 2

    One of the 1000 little bubs

  • Working at the dairy has been the hardest thing we have ever done. When the last cow calved a couple of weeks ago, it marked our final baby calf – the last of almost 1,000 we have personally hand raised. Every single one has been bottle-fed by our team of 4, treated when they were sick and painstakingly looked after for 14 hours a day.
  • Luckily our little farm family have been brilliant. We share the dongers (basically two shipping containers) with a lovely German couple who have made the bad days bearable and cook up a fantastic dinner after long days spent on the farm. We have celebrated Halloween, sampled fantastic Uzbek food made by our colleagues from Uzbekistan and planned a killer road-trip to celebrate finishing up at the farm at the end of November.

    Life Update 5

    An Uzbek-German fusion feast

Activities and Exploration 

  • We have been exploring every inch of the Margaret River Region. The South-West of Australia is stunning, I think we will be hard-pushed to find better beaches or cuter towns in the rest of Oz.

    Life Update 3

    The lighthouse at Cape Naturaliste

  • The highlights of the region have been the relaxed surfer towns of Dunsborough and Yallingup, the crystal clear waters of Cape Naturaliste’s beaches, the chilled-out vibes of Margaret River and sampling wines in the beautiful wineries all over the region. If you’re in Oz, you have to give this area a visit.
  • We have only managed to get up to Perth once (with a trip planned next week!). The city is stunning, super-sleek and full of beautiful people. It’s quite the contrast to the farm… The quirky neighbourhood of Fremantle became a firm fave and a place we vowed to revisit as soon as possible.

    Life Update 6

    Surfing at Gnarabup

  • We have been learning to surf! The Margaret River Region is famous the world over for its surf so we just had to get out and experience it for ourselves. A big shout of to our colleague Iain for getting us standing up properly after just one lesson! I predict surfing will become a big part of our future travels.

What’s Next

  • TRAVELLING! I am so excited to get back on the road again. Almost 4 months in this region is enough and I am itching to finally have enough cash to be on the road for a while. As I mentioned above, we will be kicking off our adventures with a road trip with our German colleagues. We will be driving to the beautiful beaches and forest of the South before cutting back up to Perth.
  • We will be spending next weekend in Perth. We have lots planned including a stint of glamping, a Tame Impala gig and celebrating our 4 year anniversary with plenty of Little Creatures beer!

    Life Update 6

    Secluded Beaches near Gracetown

  • CHRISTMAS IN BALI! I am beyond excited to get to Bali. This stunning Indonesian island is very popular with holidaying Aussies and the flight is only 3.5 hours from Perth. We will be spending almost 3 weeks exploring the island and we are spending Christmas in a luxury villa which we definitely can’t afford but hey, it’s Christmas! If you have any Bali recommendations then please let me know.
  • We will be back in Oz at the end of December. From there, our plan is intentionally open-ended. We will most likely be wandering back over to the East Coast, with Tasmania calling. But who knows? Australia is our oyster.
  • The super secret and special project I’ve been working on is ticking along nicely. Keep your eyes peeled in the New Year for more on what I’ve been working on!

I don’t know when I will be able to post again but oh how good it feels to be typing again. What have you been up to in the past 8 weeks? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links!


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