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#Gaplife: Month Six

gaplife 6 3Every month I will be writing a round-up of my #gaplife adventures. From where I’ve been to what I’ve eaten, I’ll be keeping you up-to-date with everything that’s been happening on and away from The Student Travels. Catch up with Month One,Two,Three, Four and Five. Enjoy!

Places Visited: Margaret River Region, Western Australia; Busselton, Western Australia; Scott River, Western Australia.

What’s Been Happening Away From the Blog

Calving 5

  • I don’t even know where to begin this month! The end of August means that we have almost ticked off our first month of farm work, 3 weeks at a free range egg farm and 1 week at a dairy. We had both been dreading beginning our three months of regional work to secure our 2nd year visa. Let’s just say that it has been a shock to us city-loving office workers…
  • Nomad Hostels gave me a shout-out in their article about East Coast Australia’s top 5 secret beaches. Check it out here.
  • I did have some HUMONGOUS changes scheduled for the blog but due to my current situation these will have to wait…
  • This month ticked off the milestone of the longest I’ve ever been away from England. Who knew it would fly by so fast?!Calving 3


  • The benefit of farm work is that it attracts a lot of backpackers completing their 2nd year visa extension. The fellow backpackers we have met so far have been the nicest bunch we could have hoped for.gaplife 6
  • The Margaret River region is simply spectacular. You can spend your time watching the sunset from your own private beach, popping down the road for wine tasting or staring with bewilderment as surfers pad around barefoot in the supermarket. It’s such a chilled out area with an endless list of things to see and do.
  • Seeing dolphins! Dolphins are one-a-penny around these parts but that didn’t stop me from shrieking with excitement whenever I saw them pop above the waves at Busselton.
  • Experiencing rural Australia. I don’t know if this is a high as such, or more of a WTF is happening to me moment. Our new farm is miles from anywhere which most of the time is hell but the moments of complete stillness you feel out here are unlike anything I’ve experienced before.Calving 1
  • Our car Martin staging the best resurrection since JC himself. More on that below…


  • This month has been pretty rocky. Probably my least favorite month so far. The mix of leaving Melbourne, being bunged up with cold and starting our farm work is a deadly cocktail for morale. Add a drop of homesickness and lack of internet, you have yourself a recipe for disaster.Calving 8
  • I managed to almost write off our car. Not only the low of the month but potentially one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. As our farm is located in the middle of nowhere we have to drive almost 30 minutes to reach anything other than fields. Coming back from civilisation I managed to reverse the car up a mound, leaving it wedged and lopsided at the side of a dirt track. I had to hitch back to the farm, tell Ryan that we were stranded here forever and face the prospect of living out the rest of our years in a field. THANK GOD we have an amazing car and amazing mechanic colleague who managed to get the car back on the road!gaplife 6 2
  • I’ve completely fallen from the wagon in terms of health. So many travellers struggle with keeping fit and healthy on the road and I am certainly no exception. However, working on the new farm is a guaranteed body blitz. Everyday is a 14 hour boot camp workout with heavy lifting, walking for miles and scaling fences keeping the fat at bay. If I’m not a supermodel by the time we leave I will be very disappointed.
  • Speaking of work… Farm work is not my cup of tea. The chicken farm was boring, the dairy is unbelievably tough and frustrating. I’m working harder than I ever have before and have never felt pain or tiredness like it! But, we need money and a visa so we will have to plod on.

Most Popular Blog Post

Best Country in SEA 2

My old posts have been dominating my stats this month due to increased social media traffic and Google searches. Why the Philippines is the Best Country in South-East Asia came out on top, followed by last summer’s A Week of Luxury Living in Hvar clinching second place.

Road Trip 2

In terms of new content, The Best, Worst & Weirdest Moments of our First Road Trip took the crown.

Most Liked Instagram Picture

gaplife 6 4This snap of the stunning Nullabor cliffs won the Instagram battle this month. Whilst the road trip from Melbourne to Margaret River could be tedious, vistas like this made it all worth it.

Follow me on Instagram here.

Favorite Picture

gaplife 6 1I think I like this picture so much because of its cheesy sentiment. It had been a long, wet day scrubbing chicken poo off eggs and I was feeling fed up. But as soon as the rain passed and the sun came out, so did this beautiful rainbow.

It made me remember that we are doing this farm work for the long-term pay off.

Favorite Eat

Gaplife 6 4The eats this month have been few and far between. Nothing wowed our palette in August, with home cooked meals and treats shared with new friends being the best of the bunch.

Highly commended is The Colonial in Margaret River for the most inventive pizzas in town. Head down on a Friday as pizzas are only $10 (£5) each!

Favorite Place

gaplife 6 5

The beaches in this south-western pocket of Australia are stunning. Buttery white sand, crystal clear waters and not a soul in sight.

My favorite spot we discovered this month was Redgate Beach at sunset. We had the whole stretch of sand to ourselves and the evening was warm enough to dip your toes in the surf.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

farm 3

Hopefully managing to get another month of farm work under our belt! Making more time for the beach and being able to enjoy the beginning of Spring.




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