Calving 10

My New Office Tour & Blog Update

Calving 10So you know I showed you around the farm we were staying on in this last post? Well, we left. Working for free as a WWOOFer was never going to work out for us in the long-term. There will be more about the old farm soon but now, it’s on to greener pastures. Literally.

Welcome to my new office!

Calving 2Keen to earn some (very) good money, we sacked in chickens in turn for cows. Or calves to be more precise.

Ryan and I are now glorified adopted calf parents. We feed the little buggers, help them when they’re poorly and make sure they get the best possible start. It sounds idyllic, but when you have hundreds of the blighters under your supervision, it gets a lot trickier!

Calving 6You couldn’t really ask for cuter work mates could you?!

Calving 5Don’t let their pretty faces fool you though. This is the toughest job I’ve ever had. It’s physically draining as we work 14 hours a day and the calves can be an absolute nightmare when they refuse to feed.

Calving 4We are also helping with the calving itself. Yesterday, Ryan had to pull a calf out of cow using a piece of rope. Now that’s not something we would ever had done back home. Everyday is a new experience!

Calving 8The farm is in the middle of nowhere. We are surrounded by fields as far as the eye can see. While it’s amazing to stand beneath the never-ending expanse of Australian sky, it’s a nightmare having to drive for half an hour to buy supplies or see another human being.

Calving 3But now no-one can say that we haven’t had a ‘real’ Australian experience. Even our new accommodation is as Australian as it comes. Say hello to our ‘donger’. This is the traditional abode of rural Australian farmers. Who needs 5 star luxury when you could have two shipping containers?

Calving 1I keep trying to convince myself that we are living some sort of contemporary hipster lifestyle. I mean, sleeping in a shipping container is all the rage now right?! Sustainable housing and all that…

Calving 9Living in these dongers is a death sentence for the blog. With not a whiff of wifi and only a smidge of phone signal, blogging is going to be difficult for the next couple of months. I’m going to be spending my days off back in civilisation so I will make sure I get some posts out but please bear with me!

But for now, bring on the next 3 months…

Would you work on an Australian dairy farm? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!



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