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Top Tips for Driving the Nullabor

nullabor 5Crossing the entirety of Australia is no mean feat. Throw in the drive across the unforgiving Nullabor and it gets even more daunting. A bit of planning and preparation can take the stress out of your mammoth road trip so you can enjoy your adventure to the max!

Here’s my top tips for driving the Nullabor.

– Download WikiCamps and Petrol Map on your phone. They are essential to any Aussie road trip. WikiCamps shows all of the camping sites in the vicinity, with directions and user comments. Petrol Map does what it says on the tin!nullabor 2– Pick campsites or accommodation the night before. That way you have somewhere to aim for each day.

– Always make sure you have enough petrol and be aware of the distances between each fuel stop. Never gamble on a re-fill, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

nullabor 1– If you want to save money, fill up a couple of jerry cans with petrol before your journey. Petrol prices along the Nullabor are steep with a litre costing as much as $1.90. That’s crazy expensive for Oz.

– Pack plenty of snacks and water as stops are scarce. Don’t pack too much fruit or veg though. When you cross the border between South Australia and West Australia, your car will be searched and any fruit, nuts, veg or honey will be confiscated. This stops the spread of disease and protects endemic flora in each state.

nullabor 3– BEWARE OF THE WEREWOLVES! The full moon makes all the Nullabor’s animals go a bit loopy. Who knows why?! Kangaroos seem to have a death wish at this time of the month and what better way to go than under your wheels? Whereas werewolves may be scarce, kangaroos and wombats on the road can be equally as deadly. NEVER drive after dark, ESPECIALLY during the full moon.

nullabor 4– Bring a mate! The Nullabor can be boring and the nights are dark and incredibly creepy.. Bring a mate to keep you entertained and to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about when you hear snuffling around your tent at 3am!

Have you tackled the Nullabor before or taken a long Aussie road trip? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!



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