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The Most Experimental Brunch in Melbourne

hammer and tong 7I thought I was pretty well versed in Melbourne brunching. I’d munched more crushed avocado and perfectly poached eggs than I cared to think about. It was time for something a little more experimental… That’s where Hammer and Tong comes in.

Hammer and tong 1Like all the best places in Melbourne, Hammer and Tong looks like crap from the outside. Hidden off bustling Brunswick Street, this popular joint is easy to miss. We managed to walk past it multiple times before realising what lay inside.

Once you find it, be prepared to queue. Hammer and Tong gets super busy, especially for weekend feasting. At least the wait gets your tummy rumbling for some of their fancy grub.hammer and tong 8

As soon as our bums graced our seats, we dived into the menu.

An Asian theme ran through our brunch options giving an unexpected twists on Melbourne favorites. Paired with experimental twists such as coffee crumbs, 62 degree eggs,yuzu hollandaise and smoked trout croissants – I knew this was going to be a brunch with a difference.

Hammer and tong 2After careful consideration we plumped to share the breakfast ramen, soft shell crab burger and kentucky fried halloumi chips, washed down with flat whites – naturally.

When our food arrived, it was a feast for the eyes.

hammer and tong 3The breakfast ramen looked especially spectacular. Breakfast staples of eggs, bacon and mushroom swam in a bacon dashi with slurpy noodles nestled at its heart.

hammer and tong 4It was unlike anything I’d tasted before. I can’t describe the complexity of flavours which skipped through my mouth. Avocado on toast, it was not.

We swiftly devoured the ramen and nibbled on our fried halloumi. It wasn’t the  best halloumi I’ve had but the sauce was scrumptious.

hammer and tong 6 We then started on the soft shell crab burger. The real star of the show.

hammer and tong 5As we cut into the burger we realised that the soft shell crab was whole, with its limbs crawling out of the burger bun. It wasn’t the most appetising of sights but it more than made up for it in taste. Fluffy bun and crunchy, meaty crab. Yummmm.

With full bellies, we waddled back home for an afternoon snooze. Hammer and Tong had promised a lot, and it had definitely been different to our usual Melbourne brunch experience. I was glad we had tried it but I think I’m more of an avo and toast kind of girl!

Have you been to Hammer and Tong? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links.




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