Road Trip 2

The Best, Worst & Weirdest Moments of Our First Road Trip

Road Trip 2

Our first Australian road trip took us all the way from Melbourne in the far east to Margaret River in the far west.

We traversed the country, driving nearly 4,000km in total. we averaged 8 hours behind the wheel a day and spent 6 nights sleeping under the stars. It was certainly an adventure!

Here’s a round-up of the best, worst & weirdest moments of the longest drive I’ve ever embarked on.

road trip 11


Watching the sun rise and set every day.Road Trip 1

Standing on top of the world in the Grampians.

Beautiful Adelaide!

Road Trip 3Being liberated from make-up.

Tracking our progress on a map every night to see how far we’ve come.

Freedooooooooooom .Road Trip 7Sunrise yoga on the Nullabor cliffs.

Camping on the edge of aforementioned cliffs!

Road Trip 6Seeing wild emus in the bush.

Finally making it to t-shirt weather!

Road Trip 10Exploring the cute-as-a-button coastal towns in the South West of Australia.


Feeling uneasy in the weird small towns.

Road Trip 4Not showering for a VERY long time…

The freezing weather at the start of the trip.

Getting changed in the car, urgh.

Road Trip 5Missing Melbourne.

Hearing weird noises at night when we were camped in a deserted clearing.


Pondering where the inhabitants of the tiny towns buy their groceries. The nearest supermarkets were over a day’s drive away!

Road Trip 8The place names! E.g. Salmon Gums, Cocklebiddy, Grass Patch, Postcode Road, Keith…

The provincial museums inside the road houses celebrating the finite history of each town.

Every township having its own Unique Selling Point such as a big tin bird, the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere, having more than 5 inhabitants etc.

Road Trip 9

Driving the longest straight road in the country, the whole 90 miles of it!

Seeing a camel as road kill. If that isn’t weird enough, the camel had been graffitied!!!

Have you done an epic road trip before? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


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