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Exploring Fitzroy with Melbourne Bike Cabs

bike cabs 6The guys from Melbourne Bike Cabs have a new addition to their Bike Cab empire. As well as offering a unique way to get around Melbourne, Bike Cabs now provide a carefully crafted tour around my favorite Melbourne neighbourhood, Fitzroy.

I was first in line to try them out and brought Melbourne newbie Leah along for the ride.

bike cabs 5The novelty of riding in one of the Bike Cabs is worth the trip alone. Similar to southeast Asia’s rickshaws, the Bike Cabs are fuelled by pedal power generated by some strapping young men. I wasn’t complaining…

bike cabs 4We snuggled in the back of the cab and our weather-hardy guide took to the Fitzroy streets. We squealed with glee as the Bike Cab weaved between traffic and shot past waiting trams.

The Bike Cab trundled past the familiar sights of Collingwood (Fitzroy’s neighbour)  as our guide pointed out the places of interest on our handy cabs 3The tour got really interesting as we darted through the back streets of Fitzroy. It’s the side streets of Fitzroy where all the best secrets lurk. Hidden street art murals line the walls and cute shops and cafes pop up from nowhere.

The best surprise was a newly opened restaurant which had a couple of Melbourne’s iconic trams on the roof! As you do…

Bike cabs 2After living in Fitzroy for 4 months I though I’d already explored all of its nooks and crannies. The Bike Tour gave me a new perspective of my neighbourhood and introduced me to brand new areas.

We spent the remainder of the one hour tour excitedly pointing out my favorite Brunswick Street haunts to Leah, taking selfies and enjoying the ride.

bike cabs 1As we arrived at the end of the tour I was sad to leave. I think I could get used to this mode of transport!

Extra Info: The Fitzroy Bike Cab Tour costs $30p/p. Find out more on their website or Facebook page!

Would you try a Bike Cab Tour? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!

I was lucky enough to be a guest of Melbourne Bike Cabs but opinions, as always, are my own.


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