Melbourne 3

12 Things I’ll Miss Most About Melbourne

Melbourne 3Our time in Melbourne is nearly up and goddamn I’m gonna miss this place! Although adventure awaits, I will be leaving a little bit of my heart in this amazing city. Here’s what I will be missing most about Melbourne.

1 – Dumplings at my favorite Chinatown restaurant Juicy Bao.

Gaplife Month 4 32 – Sunday strolls around Fitzroy.

3 – Enjoying a healthy meal at Lentils as Anything. The best restaurant idea ever!

4 – Buying our fruit and veg fresh from our local grocer or Queen Vic Market.

Queen Victoria Market 35 – Never having to buy a coffee from a chain store.

6 – Being able to explore a new suburb every week.

7 – Recognising new pieces of street art and the artists behind them.

Melbourne Street Art 28 – Learning! There’s always free talks, exhibitions and workshops going on around town. My favorite were hosted by The Workshop in Fitzroy.

9 – The hipsters. Watching grown men in suits riding a scooter or skateboard to work will never get old.

10 – The people. Everyone is lovely here. At the beginning I was weirded out by the random strangers smiling at me on the street. But once you realise that their not crazy murderers then it’s kinda nice!

Melbourne 811 – How politically switched on Melbourne is. It seems like every weekend there’s some protest or another. Whether it’s against the banks, fascists or the government’s new ridiculous piece of legislation – Melburnians will hit the streets and have their say. Good on ’em!

12 – Living in the best location in town. Brunswick Street is one of my fave streets in the world. Cafes, restaurants, bars, shops… you name it Brunswick Street’s got it. I can’t think I’ll be having such a cool postcode anytime soon.

Winter in Melbourne 2This list could go on and on but I’ll wrap it up there! Melbourne, you’ve been the best and you can count on the fact I’ll be back.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to in Melbourne, check out the full archive here.

Have you been to Melbourne? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


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