GOR 26

The Great Ocean Road: Day Two

GOR 26We woke up fresh-faced and bushy-tailed, ready for the second leg of our Great Ocean Road adventure.

Yesterday had been great but there was plenty more to see.

But first I had to persuade Ryan to leave our bungalow at Apollo Bay Backpackers. He seemed to be enjoying the rural life a little too much…

GOR 15There was a packed itinerary for the day and plenty of driving to be done so we hit the road.

GOR 16Despite the drizzly weather, the drive was still beautiful.

As the heavens opened we arrived at the most iconic stop along the Great Ocean Road.

The Twelve Apostles.

GOR 23We pulled on our anoraks (always a great look…) and braced ourselves for the assault of coastal wind and rain.

Despite the weather, the views were still amazing. There’s a reason why this place is one of the most photographed vistas in Australia.

GOR 17

GOR 21The arctic weather also had a silver lining. The usually rammed walkway was empty, meaning we could take weird pictures for as long as we pleased!

GOR 18When we were soaked through, we hopped back in the car to warm up and head off for one of the final stops.

The amazingly named Thunder Cave.

GOR 24A short walk from the car park, Thunder Cave is worth every step of the detour. The wind lashed the waves into a frenzy, drenching us with sea spray as we moved closer to the cave.

Enormous frothing waves rip through the cave, echoing like thunder as they carve out the cave. The azure sea contrasts beautifully with the famous Australian orange rock.

A perfect place for a photo-op!

GOR 28London Bridge, a little further along, is another of the Great Ocean Road’s famed rock formations.

It collapsed in the 90s, leaving a couple of people stranded on the new stack. Luckily no one was injured but it must have been quite a sight!

GOR 30Our final stop of the trip was something we hadn’t scheduled or even knew existed.

It was the best surprise of the trip and if you are planning on driving the road between late May and October then you HAVE to make the stop.

The Whale Nursery just outside Warrnambool is where the mumma whales come to give birth.

It’s also where you are guaranteed to see them!

GOR 29

Spot the whale!

I have never seen whales with my own eyes before. It was breathtaking to see them frolicking in the waves, shooting sea spray and lurking beneath the surface. If it wasn’t for the rain then I would have stayed for hours.

The perfect end to the perfect road-trip!

Have you driven the Great Ocean Road? What was your favorite stop? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


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