Wilsons Prom 24

A Weekend at Wilsons Prom : Part 2

Wilsons Prom 24We woke up to brilliant blue skies and dazzling sun, a direct contrast to yesterday’s brooding clouds.

Eager to get out to Wilsons Prom, we guzzled down breakfast and hopped back on the road.

First up we stopped for coffee in the cutesy town of Fish Creek.

Wilsons Prom 12

Wilsons Prom 13Melbourne’s coffee-crazed influence seeps far and wide. Tiny Fish Creek has five cafes serving up a caffeine injection to everyone who passes through on the way to the Prom.

After getting our hit we went to see the park in all of its sun-dappled glory.

Wilsons Prom 20It was great being able to see the park under two contrasting guises. The heavy clouds of yesterday had made the park seem eerie and imposing, now the warm glow made the valley sparkle.

Wilsons Prom 18We began with the Millers Landing Nature Walk which followed a dirt track down to the most unique beach I have ever seen.

Wilsons Prom 14The beach looked prehistoric with creeping mangroves, skeletal trees and pretty shrubs clinging to large boulders.

Wilsons Prom 16

Wilsons Prom 15We had the beach to ourselves and it was simply spectacular.

When we finally managed to tear ourselves away, we headed back to the car. But not before we were greeted by this little fella!

Wilsons Prom 17There is something very creepy about wallabies. This one caught us by surprise and then stood like this, watching us for at least 5 minutes. Weird.

We shook off the heebbie-jeebies and headed for one of the most well-known destinations at Wilsons Prom.

The adorably named Squeaky Beach.

Wilsons Prom 17

Wilsons Prom 19The beach was beautiful and it must make the most amazing sunbathing spot in summer.

The weather was so well-behaved that it almost felt like summer already!

Reluctantly, Squeaky Beach was our final stop at Wilsons Promotory. Instead of slogging the journey back to Melbourne on the freeway, we decided to take our time and meander down the coast, stopping at popular Philip Island on the way.

Wilsons Prom 21Phillip Island is best known for the Penguin Parade. Every sunset, hundreds of penguins waddle out of the sea and back to their homes.

The penguins are almost outnumbered by the bus-loads of tourists who come to watch them.

You also have to pay for the privilege, so instead we headed for the tip of the island to watch the mighty waves crash against the impressive cliff-face.

Wilsons Prom 22

Wilsons Prom 33We stayed until the sky was streaked with pink and orange before heading back to the city.

It had been such a brilliant weekend. Wilsons Prom has definitely earned its place among my favorite destinations in Australia.

Have you visited Wilsons Prom or Phillip Island before? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages.


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