Wilsons Prom 23

A Weekend at Wilsons Prom: Day 1

Wilsons Prom 23Wilsons Promontory has been on our radar for a while now. Nestled 2 hours from Melbourne, this stunning National Park is a nature lover’s dream. Packed full of native wildlife, Rolling mountains and beautiful beaches there’s so much to see, do – and blog about!

We hopped in Martin and zoomed off in search of adventure.

It was a shame that the weather wasn’t as optimistic as we were. The dark clouds followed us from Melbourne, settling at the top of the mountains.

Wilsons Prom 3 The park looked amazing nonetheless and we followed the winding roads with our mouths hanging open.

We even met some of the locals!

Wilsons Prom 2

Wilsons Prom 1Who knew that emus existed outside of zoos?!

In a single clearing we spotted friendly wombats, emus and kangaroos.

After discussing the pros and cons of smuggling a wombat into the boot (they’re so cute!) we hopped back into the car and went in search of a hike.

Wilsons Prom 4It was getting late in the day so we savored every last drop of daylight we had left and headed towards the coastal cliffs.

Wilsons Prom 5

Wilsons Prom 6 We followed a dusty track up the cliff-side, pausing to catch our breath and marvel at the amazing views which unfurled below us.

Wilsons Prom 7

Wilsons Prom 8With our heads almost in the clouds, we emerged at the top and were stopped in our tracks by the view that greeted us.

Wilsons Prom 9

Wilsons Prom 10We sat and stared at the view for as long as we dared, the threat of nightfall the only incentive to leave.

This was the Australia we had been waiting to find.

After watching the sun sink into the sea, we bundled back into the car and headed to our accommodation for the night.

We whizzed passed the campsites and laybys we would ordinarily have called home and instead pulled into Waratah Lodge.

Ever since my disaster of a birthday, Ryan has been searching for the perfect birthday gift – and Waratah Lodge was just that!

Its elevated position offers brilliant views over the Prom and Waratah Bay, the hospitality is second-to-none and you can end the day like this.

Wilsons Prom 11What’s not to love?

What did you get up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links!

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