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Why You Should Go to a Festival in Mainland Europe This Summer

Festival in Europe 3I love festivals and with summer nearly in full swing the time is nigh to be dusting off our tents and shining our wellies as the festival season begins.

It’s true that Britain has some of the best festivals in the world, but have you ever considered looking across the channel for your festival fix?

Here’s why I think you should sack off blustery Britain and go to a festival in mainland Europe this summer. 

It’s cheaper than you think

The prices of UK festivals have begun to get out of hand. Ticket prices have rocketed and the price of getting to and from the venues is crazy. Festival tickets in mainland Europe tend to be cheaper and getting there doesn’t have to break the bank either!

Check out cheap flights on Skyscanner.net or for super-budget travellers (like me!) hunt down dirt cheap seats on Megabus routes across Europe. Food and alcohol inside the venues is often cheaper too, so more beers and burgers all round!

festival in Europe

Psychedelic Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium – Photo Credit

Stunning Settings

Leave the muddy fields of Britain behind and find a festival with some seriously stunning surrounds.

From deserted castles, powder-white beaches and beautiful swimming lakes; European festivals are unrivaled in their locations.festival in Europe 2

Great Music

European festivals don’t scrimp on pulling in the biggest and best acts. From specialist music festivals featuring upcoming bands and DJs to festivals littered with global megastars, Europe has a festival for every music taste.

If you’re lucky you can catch some of the biggest bands in the world at smaller venues where they test out their material before a massive gig. Arctic Monkeys played their Glastonbury set for us at Best Kept Secret Festival, weeks before they took to the Pyramid Stage.

festival in Europe 4Make a trip out of it

Well it is summer after all! Grab your closest friends, book into an Air BnB (or book out an entire hostel dorm) and explore more of the country you’re visiting.

When my friends and I headed to Holland for Best Kept Secret Festival we spent a couple of days in Brussels beforehand and did the obligatory stop in Amsterdam afterwards. It was a great, cheap way to explore the area and hang out with your best buds at the same time!

festival in europe 6

Better Weather

The weather plays a major part in British festivals. We all know that the Glastonbury weekend is going to be a wash out or that the Isle of Wight will be flooded, wellies are on the top of every packing list and waterproof ponchos are a festival fashion staple.

But, wait a second, what if it didn’t have to be this way, what if you were practically guaranteed amazing weather? What if you could emerge from a tent to crystal clear skies and tan-worthy temperatures, what if you didn’t need a backpack stuffed with jumpers and woolly socks but instead packed sunglasses and bikinis? Look no further than Europe my friends.

Escape mud-up-to-your-armpits Britain and instead head to Croatia or Montenegro or Spain for some much needed fun in the sun.

festival in EuropePeople aren’t dicks

Festivals are historically happy affairs, with people coming together and sharing their love of good music, great company and beer. However, too many British festivals have lost this sense of community and there are increasingly large numbers of drunken idiots who want to ruin it for everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go to festivals where I get doused by flying bottles of piss or started on in the queue for the bar. Not for me thanks. The European crowds seem so much more laid back, so much friendlier and generally a lot less likely to shit outside my tent.

Has this post convinced you to go to a festival in mainland Europe this summer? Check out some of the best as chosen by Wow 24/7 here.

Have you been to a festival in Europe before or are you planning one this summer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via my social media pages.

Know someone who is heading to a music festival this summer? Don’t be afraid to share!


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