Yarra Valley 11

Exploring the Stunning Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley 11We reached the valley floor at my favorite time of day, golden hour. After an afternoon spent shivering at the top of Mount ­Donna Buang, the warm breeze whispering through the beautiful Yarra Valley was welcomed with open arms.

The Yarra Valley is famed for producing some of the finest Australian wines, so it would be rude not to give them a try right?!

We turned into the first winery which caught our eye, the beautiful TarraWarra Estate.

Yarra Valley 8Vineyards are stunning at the best of times but I don’t think we could have stumbled upon a better time to see one than now. The slowly sinking sun lit up the surrounding valley, warming the already brilliant autumnal colours.

As soon as I walked into the winery I felt instantly calm. The views were incredible and a handful of people sat on beanbags admiring it, with a frosty glass of white in hand of course.

Yarra Valley 7Ryan and I had never been to a wine tasting before and know next to nothing about wine itself. I usually just follow the standard university rule of finding the wine with the highest alcohol percentage for your money.

Classy I know.

Yarra Valley 3So for once, it was great to be able to sample wines and actually appreciate them rather than trying to down as many bottles as possible before a night out.

We worked our way down the wine list, from fresh summer roses to deep reds. The wine was pleasant and I was shocked at how I could decipher between them. Maybe I could be a wine snob after all?

Yarra Valley 5The most interesting wine we sampled was a 2009 Merlot, made using grapes which were growing at the time of the horrific Victorian bush fires of the same year. You could actually taste the smoke in the wine!

Yarra Valley 4The Australians seem to start their wine connoisseurs off young…

Yarra Valley 1As our friends treated themselves to a bottle, I slipped outside to watch the sun set across the valley. I took a deep breath and fully relished the moment.

Yarra Valley 6It had been such a perfect day and the fiery sunset which lit up the Yarra Valley as we drove back to Melbourne was the big fat cherry on top of the cake.

Australia, I could get used to you.

Yarra Valley 9Have you ever been wine tasting before? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


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