Yarra Ranges 15

Road Trippin’ the Yarra Ranges

Yarra Ranges 15This weekend the weather was incredible. After a week spent shivering under clouds of constant drizzle, I woke up this weekend blinded by sun for the first time in ages! So what better way to spend sunny days than road trippin’ to the Yarra Ranges National Park.

We grabbed some friends, a boot full of picnic goodness and cranked up the radio as we whizzed towards the mountains.

Yarra Ranges 1Before we knew it, sedate suburbia was replaced by towering trees and rushing waterfalls.

Yarra Ranges 2 We followed the twisting track of Mount Donna Buang,which curled upwards until we were literally touching the clouds.

Yarra Ranges 13At 1245 metres above sea level we reached the summit. The so-cold-you-can-see-your-breath snow-tipped summit.

Yes, snow!

Yarra Ranges 7The toasty twenty-degrees of the valley below was a distant memory!

Yarra Ranges 14

We bundled on our coats and, like the resolute English folks we are, flung out a picnic mat in a patch of sunshine and tucked in.

Yarra Ranges 10

The snow even ended up coming in handy, keeping our batch of Snapples frosty!

Yarra Ranges 9

We lazed about in the sun until the cold bit our bones. It was time to warm ourselves up and we spied the best way to do so, towering above the tree line…

Yarra Ranges 8

As the trees blocked the view below, we had no choice but to get above them.

Yarra Ranges 11Now, I have a crazy fear of heights which just seems to have got worse over the years. As most fears it’s completely irrational.

I mean, I’ve jumped out of a plane and bungee jumped before for goodness sake!

Yet, half way up the tower, I froze. The familiar feeling of vertigo flooded through me as my legs began to buckle and my clammy palms slid on the railings.

I tried to keep in good humour, laughing off my knocking knees yet kept rooted to the spot.

Yarra Ranges 5

I was holding on for dear life!

I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced vertigo before, I hope you haven’t as it ain’t pleasant! I constantly felt like I was about to topple off the edge of the tower, despite there being no possible threat of this.

Yarra Ranges 6After much light persuasion, deep breaths and positive thinking, I made it to the top!

I have tried to never let my fears get in the way of anything I want to do and I love to push myself out of my comfort zone- which this definitely was!

Yarra Ranges 4With my legs still shaking I admired the view which was well worth the heart-stopping climb.Yarra Ranges 3

I’ve only ever experienced these blue-tinted vistas in Oz and they are simply stunning. We were definitely out of Melbourne now!

With our feet firmly back on solid ground, we piled back into the car and headed off for the next stop, the Yarra Valley. But more on that soon…

Yarra Ranges 12

Are you a fan of road trips? Where did your last road trip take you? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!



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