Grub Brunch 9

The Greatest Grub in Town

Grub Brunch 9If you’re going to brunch anywhere in the world, do it in Melbourne. Better yet, do it at Grub.

Grub has popped up on the blog before as it quickly wiggled its way into my affections. Grub is best known for the shiny airstream which sits in its front yard, serving up killer coffee and a great selection of beers.

Melbourne First Impressions 6But Grub is much more than just a gimmicky food van. Head into the airy conservatory for quirky dining and chilled hipster vibes.

Grub Brunch 8Even better head there on a beautifully sunny day and soak up the sun in between sips of your flat white.

Grub Brunch 6

Grub Brunch 7We have been waiting to try out brunch here for a while. On our last visit we had been teased with a menu stuffed full of yummy, exotic delights from brunch boards to crispy pastries.

However, we have quickly come to discover that brunch is one of the most expensive meals of the day so we had to pick our moment to indulge.

Grub Brunch 5It was worth the wait!

Ryan had the Omelette of the Day, studded with spicy Spanish sausage and chunks of creamy goats cheese whilst I plumped for the sautéed mushrooms and kale, topped with a sunny poached egg on crunchy sourdough bread.

Grub Brunch 3It was an Instagrammer’s dream, #foodporn all over the place.

Grub Brunch 2With tummies full and spirits high, we sunk back in our chairs and flipped through the array of stylish magazines and independent newspapers on offer.

With nothing on our minds except admiring the seemingly endless stream of crazily cute puppies out on their weekend walks, we basked in the sunshine and vowed to do it all again next weekend.

Grub Brunch 1I could get used to this!

Check out Grub‘s website here.

Where is your favorite place for brunch? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!



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