Gaplife Month Two 1

#Gaplife: Month Two

Gaplife Month Two 1Every month I will be writing a round-up of my #gaplife adventures. From where I’ve been to what I’ve eaten, I’ll be keeping you up-to-date with everything that’s been happening on and away from The Student Travels. Catch up with Month One here. Enjoy!

Places Visited: Melbourne, Australia.

What’s Been Happening Away From the Blog

  • I’ve been crazy busy with writing this month after volunteering to write for my local newspaper The Northsider, guest-posting for Rachel at Hither and Yonder as well as contributing to some exciting projects I’ll let you in on soon.
  • I got a job! Well a couple of jobs through a temping agency. I’m back to juggling the 9-5, hence the lack of blog posts this week (sorry!). It’s good pay, the people are lovely so I can’t complain but… I left the 9-5 for a reason so I’m glad that it’s not forever.
  • I’ve been making plans to reunite with a couple of buds. One of my friends, Leah, will be visiting from the UK for two weeks in July, our friends from uni are finally on their way to Melbs and my cousin might be visiting in September!

Gaplife Month Two 2Highs

  • Getting to know my new city! I’ve loved roaming markets, loitering in galleries and sipping my flat whites in quirky cafes. There is always something happening or a new neighbourhood to explore. I love this city.
  • Moving into our new house and upgrading to a bigger room. I really like our new pad, our housemates are lovely, the location is perfect and we treated ourselves to a bigger room. It’s been great getting settled and making the place our own.
  • Getting behind the mighty Hawthorne at the MCG. Aussie Rules games are so fun to watch and taking a seat to watch my team win at the massive MCG was pretty darn cool.
  • First payday! Having some much-needed money coming in was a definite highlight. It means that we can start planning the rest of our time in Oz and enjoy Melbourne to the fullest.

Winter in Melbourne 3Lows

  • Being unemployed and poor. I can’t tell you how many jobs I applied for without hearing anything. Finally I signed up with a temping agency and the work poured in (long may it continue…).
  • Losing my phone. A major blow at the end of the month. Not having WhatsApp and being instantly connected to friends and family is horrible.
  • The weather. Melbourne is notorious for having unpredictable weather and with winter drawing in the temperature has been all over the place, and the drizzle can be persistent.
  • Not travelling. As much as I love Melbourne, I started to get itchy feet pretty soon on. I think it’s being in Australia and not being able to explore outside the city boundaries. Hopefully I will have a couple of excursions planned in May.

Most Popular Blog Post

month 1 4You guys loved last month’s round-up with #Gaplife: Month One taking the most popular crown. You also loved Ryan’s Weekly Round-Up: Month One which followed a very close second.

Most Liked Instagram Picture

Gaplife Month Two 4You guys love a good street-art snap, none more than this beauty which is also one of my favorite pieces I’ve seen so far in Melbourne.

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Favorite Picture

Gaplife Month Two 6I loved this shot of a bubba penguin I took at the pier in St Kilda. It was waiting for its parents to come back after a hard days work at sea. Seeing penguins in the wild, and so close up, was amazing.

Favorite Eat

Gaplife Month Two 3This month’s accolade has to go to Lentils as Anything. The not-for-profit restaurant and hippie-hangout was so good I even dedicated a blog post to it.

The budget didn’t allow for much eating out this month but special mentions go to my new favorite places to grab a flat white, Grub which runs out of an AirStream and KereKere in Fitzroy Gardens which was just so beautifully chilled out and welcoming.

Melbourne First Impressions 6 Favorite Place

I loved escaping the city and exploring Yarra Bend National Park. It felt like we were actually in Australia (probably due to all of the snake warnings…) and it was so relaxed (despite aforementioned snake warnings).

Gaplife Month Two 5I also loved getting to know my neighbourhood, Fitzroy. It’s achingly cool and filled with amazing street art and hidden treasures.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

I’m excited to explore a bit further afield and get out in the countryside. Also, as I’ve mentioned, a couple of friends should be making an appearance which will be fun! I’m also looking forward to having some money in the bank so I can start getting excited for what’s to come!

Where have you been this month? Let me know via my social media pages or in the comments below!

Is there anything else you’d like me to include in my monthly round-ups? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “#Gaplife: Month Two

  1. Leah says:

    Oh yeeeeeeah, got a mention! Lol… just over 2 months to go, super excited!!!! Hope you’ve been brushing up on your tou guide skills 😉 x


  2. Camille says:

    Love the round-up. I’m excited for you that your friends are coming to visit – maybe that’ll give you the prompt you need to start exploring the region more…although it looks like you’ve been up to quite a lot already! I mean, you’ve seen penguins, that’s quite something! 🙂

    If you’re into film (and as a literature graduate I’m guessing you must be?), don’t miss the Melbourne International Film Festival in August. It’s pretty cheap and it was a highlight of my time in Australia!


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