Winter in Melbourne 5

Preparing for Winter in Melbourne

Winter in Melbourne 5Eurgh, winter. My least favourite season by far. So why oh why did I move to the other side of the world to experience two winters in a row?!

Back in the UK I’ve always struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder (read about my experience here) so winter is often a bit of a nightmare.

Yet I still chose to move to one of the most wintery cities in Australia. Good ol’ Melbourne.

Winter in Melbourne 3Melbourne, with its notorious reputation for grey drizzly days and icy winters. Sound familiar UK?

This week, just as temperatures are beginning to soar back home, the clouds have started rolling in over Melbourne.

Yet, what better excuse to duck into a coffee shop, like lovely bright Sonido on Gertrude Street.

Winter in Melbourne 2Slurping coffee and watching footy (AFL) seem to be how the Melburnians spend winter. Cosying up in beautiful coffee shops and tea-rooms perhaps tucking into a scrummy brunch whilst getting their caffeine fix, followed by watching men run around in the skimpiest of shorts. I think it will be easy enough to blend in!

I’m also hoping a spot of meditation with help ease those winter blues. I gave it a whirl on a weekend visit to the National Gallery of Victoria.

Winter in Melbourne 6This was taken moments before I was bundled by some over zealous children. Maybe I need to find somewhere else to practice…

Regardless of the temperatures, I don’t have much to complain about especially when Melbourne brings out the sunshine as a nice surprise.

Winter in Melbourne 4There’s definitely a good side to this erratic weather!

Are you preparing for winter? What are your top tips to keep your spirits up when the mercury drops? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Winter in Melbourne

  1. Tyana says:

    As a local I’ve really been enjoying reading about Melbourne from your perspective! One thing that I make sure to do in late autumn is to wear layers so that I can strip down and soak up some sun when those random bursts of warmth do come through 🙂


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