Melbourne Street Art

The Best Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne Street ArtMelbourne has some of the best street art in the world and no place is better to see it than Fitzroy. My new neighbourhood is covered in beautifully intricate art which brings a big slap of colour to a walk around town.

The street art scene has really taken off here with murals becoming increasingly impressive. Just look at these hyper-realistic beauties!

Melbourne Street Art 3

Melbourne Street Art 2I spent the weekend exploring every nook and cranny of Fitzroy, hunting for the best street art the area has to offer.

Unlike the crowded art splattered laneways of the CBD, you can view Fitzroy’s best bits in relative peace and quiet.

Melbourne Street Art 6Many of the best murals are hidden off the main thoroughfares of Brunswick and Smith Street.

Instead they are nestled in the lovely autumnal back streets, decorating the sides of houses.

Melbourne Street Art 9And the occasional van…

Melbourne Street Art 8Keep your eyes peeled for the little treasures which hide behind corners or lurk or lampposts. Everywhere that could be decorated is!

Melbourne Street Art 4If you’re ever in Melbourne make sure you check out the suburb of Fitzroy. In between coffee stops and thrift shop hauls, take a wander through the residential streets and see what you can find!

Melbourne Street Art 1Have you been to Fitzroy? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!



2 thoughts on “The Best Melbourne Street Art

  1. Camille says:

    Yes, I love the alleyways in central Melbourne and the street art of Fitzroy! I seem to remember there was an agency that actually offered a fairly cheap Street Art Tour – I didn’t get to do it but it sounded good! Have you been to the Naked for Satan bar? It’s really cool: great views, atmosphere and tapas 🙂


    • The Student Travels says:

      Thanks for the suggestions Camille! I haven’t seen a street art tour yet but that would be really good 🙂 and I’ve already aquatinted myself with Naked for Satan, it’s so cool up there! I really need to try the tapas though, I’ve only sampled their gin and tonics so far… How long were you in Melbourne for?


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