Queen Victoria Market 5

Feeling Fresh at Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market 5I love food. I love markets. Put them both together, chuck in a Victorian heritage and a variety of gourmet stalls and you get the perfect Sunday morning. Welcome to Queen Vic Market.

Queen Victoria Market 1Since moving into our new house, we have decided to settle into the Melbourne lifestyle.

Part of this lifestyle change is buying as much local/free-range/organic produce as possible, whilst still sticking to a budget.

This can be a bit of a challenge when everything looks this mouth-watering!

Queen Victoria Market 7

Queen Victoria Market 6The market sprawls over 17 acres, making it the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere.

This means that there is plenty of exploring to do. From fresh fruit and veg to Indonesian feasts and artisan cheeses, there’s something for everyone to nibble on.

Queen Victoria Market 3We piled our bags with juicy grapes, curly kale and fresh eggs. It is so easy to swap your supermarket shop for a wander around the market.

The prices are great too!

Queen Victoria Market 2The market has the same bustling vibe as my beloved Borough Market. A quick Google search informed me that the market has been developed in Borough Market’s ’boutique’ image since 2010, blending a high-end feel with the traditional market atmosphere.

Queen Victoria Market 8After a couple of hours browsing and selecting our shop for the week, we skipped home with heaving bags and with some pennies to spare.

Our haul cost us just over £10 and should last us the week. The price is comparable to the major supermarkets but we have the peace of mind that it’s all sourced locally and is as fresh as possible!

We will definitely be back again next week.

Queen Victoria Market 9Find out more about Queen Victoria Market here.

Do you enjoy shopping at markets? Do you have a favorite market? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


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