Melbourne 10

Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne 10Since my first visit to Australia 4 years ago, I knew I’d be back. Inevitably the beaches, the weather, the natural wonders would all pull me back Down Under.

Yet my destination, Melbourne, had none of that.

I’m being harsh of course, but the city of Melbourne isn’t well-known for glorious stretches of sand or year-round sunshine. It’s more generally known as being Sydney’s down-and-out sibling, rough around the edges and pitied in its attempts to live up to its sparkling world-renowned rival. Most would struggle to name a Melbourne landmark or suburb and true, it doesn’t have anything that rivals Sydney’s Opera House or Bondi Beach.

And that’s exactly why I chose to move there.

Melbourne 3I’m always a big fan of the underdog. Especially when underdogs are as cool as Melbourne. Its delights are less obvious than those of Sydney but are worth the effort to uncover.

On paper, Melbourne sounds like it was made for me. It’s relaxed, European, loves its coffee and is covered head-to-toe with street art. I imagined myself sipping flat whites in trendy cafes and spending the day sampling its gastronomic delights.

And hey, guess what?

Melbourne 11Melbourne was quick to prove itself!

Melbourne 5I’m not going to pretend that the first couple of weeks days weren’t spent eating my way around the city. After losing my appetite after being sick on my birthday, it came back with a vengeance.

Melbourne 7Why does everything in Melbourne look so darn appealing and taste so darn good?!

Melbourne 6Be still my beating heart!

Before I cover my laptop with dribble let’s move on.

We plan to be sticking around in Melbourne for the next three to four months. This should give us time to scratch the surface of this city and save a bit of cash, provided we can find jobs.

Melbourne 2That’s the sticking point. Like Dick Whittington we arrived in the city expecting the streets to be paved with gold, full of opportunity and dripping with jobs. No such luck.

Melbourne, it seems, is just like any other city when it comes to securing a 9-5. Apparently other people need to work too so we haven’t waltzed into a job as easily as we’d expected.

More time for exploring though, eh?

Melbourne 8

Despite the pavements being plain ol’ tarmac rather than gold, I’ve fallen for Melbourne hook line ‘n’ sinker. It is immediately obvious why it keeps topping the ‘Most Livable City’ lists. The pace is laid back, even in the CBD, the coffee is marvelous and there is so much to explore.

I can’t wait to begin sharing some of the places I’ve already unearthed, including my new neighborhood! I’m looking forward to living like a local for a while before my itchy feet inevitably carry me off on my next adventure…

I hope you stick around for the journey. Cheers!

Melbourne 9Have you been to Melbourne before? Anywhere you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!

Also, I was recently interviewed by Rachel from Hither and Yonder! Check it out here.


8 thoughts on “Moving to Melbourne

  1. nadiaelks says:

    Definitely visit the restaurant Lentils for Anything in Abbotsford. You can easily get there by taking a bus from the city. It’s a non-profit organisations and it’s one of my favourite places in the city!


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