Boracay 5 Bulabog Beach

Boracay – Beyond White Beach

Boracay 5 Bulabog BeachBoracay’s White Beach is stunning, don’t get me wrong.

I’ve already written a gushing post about it here. But sometimes it was nice to escape the crowds and fast food chains. To really get away from it all.

So each day we would flag down one of the speedy little tricycles which clogged the main road and head off to explore this stunning island.

Boracay 2 Mount Luho

First up was Mount Luho. ‘Mount’ used in the loosest possible way.

Mount Luho is, in fact, a small hill in a privileged elevated position. It is also one of the strangest tourist-traps I’ve come across.

After bartering the 150 php down to 100 php (around £1.50) we stumbled across a variety of exotic caged animals. Owls and monkeys sat looking bored in bare cages and a Palawan Bearcat skulked in the shadows. Turning the corner, we interrupted some guilty looking dogs getting it on before finally side-stepping our way up some rickety steps to the lookout.

Boracay 1 Mount Luho

I’d say that it was worth £1.50 of anyone’s money. We watched the tiny specks of windsurfers whizzing across the surf at Bulabog Beach and knew that it was going to be our next destination.

Boracay 3 Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is a windsurfer’s dream. Strong winds and a sheltered bay make for perfect conditions. Not being aquatically blessed ourselves, we took up a shady spot at the end of the windswept beach and watched the brightly coloured kites dart across the sky. Trying to fit in with the muscled and perfectly tanned surfer-types, we cracked open some San Miguels and tried to act like we belonged.

Boracay 4 Bulabog BeachI think our crispy sunburn may have given us away…

Another day another perfect beach. This time, Puka Beach.

Boracay 6 Puka Beach

This beach has personality. A wavy sea (my favourite), fringed with lush tropical jungle and brushed with bright white sand.

A winner.

We spent a lazy day in the shade, enjoying the peace and quiet, only breaking for a lunch of noodles cooked up in a cute snack shack. We imagined Puka Beach to be what White Beach was before the tourists came and ruffled it up a bit.

Next up was Diniwad Beach.

Boracay 6 Diniwad Beach

An easy walk from White Beach but worlds apart. Diniwad Beach is flanked by impressive hillside villas and blessed with lazy palms and vibrant snorkelling opportunities. The local village is filled with friendly locals and surprisingly good Greek food from Wrap ‘n’ Roll. 70p Gyros anyone?

Boracay 7 Diniwad BeachUnfortunately it was time to leave this spectacular island paradise. Boracay should definitely be on your travel radar. Yes, White Beach is touristy. And yes, it’s not what it used to be.

But don’t be put off, Boracay has so much more to offer.

You just have to leave the strip of White Beach behind and get stuck into some good old-fashioned exploration. You won’t regret it.

Have you been to Boracay? What are your thoughts? Let me know via my social media pages or in the comments below!



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