9 white beach

White Beach, Boracay

9 white beach


We have finally found our own little slice of paradise, here at White Beach, Boracay. But it’s not quite the paradise we expected.

Boracay is a tiny island, an hour flight south of Manila. At just 7km by 1km at its narrowest point, you can’t get much further than the hectic metropolis we had found in Manila.

We arrived under the cover of darkness, having taking a taxi, plane, minibus and rickety old boat to get here.

1 Boracay Boat

We dumped our bags at the closest hostel we could find and headed straight to the beach, sinking our feet into the soft white sand.

3 Boracay Beach at Night

White Beach is lined with a buzzing strip of bars, clubs and restaurants. Fairy lights curl their way up palm trees and cover bands murder Bob Marley classics. The throngs of tourists are predominately  Korean, Chinese ad Eastern European.

2 Boracay Beach

We strolled along the strip and ate fried rice on the beach before retiring for the night, excited to see this famous beach in the light.

4 Boracay Shops

White Beach didn’t disappoint.

8 Boracay Bikini

The sand was some of the whitest I’ve ever seen. White Beach is flanked with curvaceous palm trees on one side and the bluest sea on the other. We couldn’t wait to strap on the GoPro and head into the shockingly blue waters.

7 Boracay Ocean

Let’s just say that we may need a little more practice…

Back on the shore we hid in the shade of the palms, popping out occasionally to top up our tans.

Boracay White Beach

We preferred to stay at the top of White Beach at Station 3. Here, the crowds dissipated and the McDonalds and Starbucks were replaced by wooden shacks and rustic treehouses.

5 Boracay Beach Palms

But Boracay is all about the sunsets.

6 Boracay SunsetSunsets are a ritual here. The bay is perfectly positioned to watch the sun melt into the sea as the sky stretches uninterrupted for miles.

You take a seat at one of the hundreds of beachside bars, order a £1 fresh pina colada or 40p rum and coke and watch the show unfold.

8 Boracay Sunset

This quickly became my favourite time of day. Every sunset is different and equally spectacular.

White Beach SunsetThe beach is at its most crowded at sunset. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many selfie sticks in my life. Despite the crowds, the setting sun evokes a calm stillness and everyone slurps on their happy hour drinks in awe.

Boracay Sunset


White Beach is not what we had expected.

We hadn’t anticipated the crowds, the chain restaurants or the incessant street vendors. Regardless, White Beach is so spectacular and so sprawling that there is a patch of sand for everyone by day and a bar stool for everyone by night.

There is a party atmosphere here, greatly heightened by 40p rum, but it doesn’t yet feel seedy or desperate like most European party destinations. You can choose to visit one of the clubs or simply listen to a chilled out acoustic set on the beach.

White Beach can be tailored to you and everything you want from a holiday. Just get here quick. It’s not going to be like this for long.

Boracay Sunset Water


Have you been to White Beach? Did you think it was too touristy? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages!


6 thoughts on “White Beach, Boracay

  1. Melinda DiOrio (@MelindaDiOrio) says:

    I had the same perspective about Boracay when I visited 2 years ago – the beach is beautiful, but I was expecting a more isolated paradise..I had not anticipated just how touristy it is! You actually described it perfectly in your post. It’s actually a great place to go if you are looking for a combination of beautiful beach + nightlife + westernized vacation spot. I’m glad I got to go there, but I won’t be back. I just returned from my 2nd trip to the Philippines, but on this trip we did destinations that were all within a 3-5 hour drive from central Manila (And I learned that you don’t need to leave the island of Luzon to see the beauty of the Philippines! Just drive a few hours away from the smog-filled city of Manila – there’s so many things to explore on the capital island.) I’ve also been wanting to visit Palawan – I’ve heard that island is more “isolated” than Boracay, although it too has become so popular, I wonder if it will become an overcrowded tourist destination by the time I plan my next trip. Have you been there?



    • The Student Travels says:

      Hi Melinda! I’m very jealous that you’ve been able to get to visit the Philippines twice! I really wanted to do more of the mainland but just couldn’t fit it in this time. I’m actually in Palawan at the moment and it is definitely less touristy, it’s more of a backpacker destination than Boracay which seemed to cater more for families or wealthier visitors. I would definitely recommend heading down to El Nido in Palwan, it’s so chilled here and is absolutely stunning. Maybe for trip number 3?!


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