The ULTIMATE Packing List

The ULTIMATE Packing List

The ULTIMATE Packing ListWe’ve all been there. Flapping around before the big trip, panicking about what we’ve forgotten or where our passport is. I feel ya.

So to save you the hassle, I’ve created the ULTIMATE packing list with a couple of packing tips and tricks chucked in for good measure.

Apologies to all you lads out there as this is a female-centric list but regardless, swap the maxi-dress and bikinis for some chinos and trunks and this list is perfect for you too!

This list is also geared towards countries with temperate to tropical climates. So perfect for trips to South-East Asia or Australasia. I use a Berghaus Jalan 55l with a 15l backpack attached. Similar here.

The last time I went travelling, I thought I had to dress like a tramp. That it was a right of passage to spend half a year in khaki and hoodies. Not so. I didn’t bring jeans or anything I would normally wear at home so I just felt frumpy and gross the whole time. The takeaway? Bring clothes that you will feel comfortable in but also bring things that you would wear at home and make you feel more human, like your favourite t-shirt or necklace.

So hold on to your hats folks, here it comes – your ULTIMATE packing list and guide for your big trip or gap year.

Packing for Travel


– Passport

– Money (local currency and potentially some US dollars for certain countries).

– Debit/ Credit/ Currency Card

– Travel Insurance Documents

– Flight Tickets and Boarding Passes

– Hostel Confirmation and Directions

– Visa Confirmation/ Documents

– Guide Book

Packing for Backpacking


– Jeans

– Comfy Trousers/ Hareem Pants

– Jumper

– Scarf and/or Pashmina

– 4 x T-shirts

– Maxi Dress and Skirt

– 2 x Shorts

– Leggings

– 8 x Knickers (1 for every day of the week and 1 for when you’re washing the rest!)

– 8 x Socks

– 2 x Bras

– 2 x Bikinis

– Beach Cover-Up (e.g. sarong or big tee. Added bonus if you can double it up as sleepwear).

– Pac-a-Mac or light raincoat

– 2 x Sunglasses

Travel Shoes


– 1 x Splodgers (or sea-shoes to normal people…)

– 2 x Trainers (Converse and Nikes for casual/sporty occasions).

– 1 x Flip-Flops

– 1 x Sandals

Worry Dolls

Jewellery and Accessories

– 2 x Necklaces

– 1 x Watch

– 1 x Ring

– 1 x Quick-Dry Towel

– 2 x Notebooks

– 3 x Pens

– Snorkel

– Small Bag for going out and a Backpack for treks and mini-adventures

– Worry Dolls (Gifted to me by the fabulous Globe Trotting Graduate!)

Travel Documents


– Phone

– Kindle

– Camera

– Netbook

– Selfie-Stick (don’t judge).

– Straighteners

– Headphones

– Go-Pro

– Tablet

– All Chargers

– Global Adapter

Travel ToiletriesToiletries

– Make-Up Bag (with all your essentials).

– Make-Up/Baby Wipes

– Toothbrush and Toothpaste

– Anti-Bac Handwash

– Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Preferred Pain Relief

– Plasters

– Diarrhoea Relief (Because you just never know…)

– Deodorant

– Perfume

– Dry Shampoo

– Hairbands and Kirby Grips

– Hand and Foot Cream

– Facewash

– Moisturiser

– Sun Cream and After-Sun

– Travel Sickness Pills

– Razors

– Tampons

– Hairbrush

Carry on Essentials

 Top Packing Tips

– Begin early! Start writing a list of things you need when you think of them, refine the list over time and use it to check off your final pack before you leave for the airport.

– Lie everything out on the floor so that you can visualise what you are taking. It can help you sort out outfits and spot anything that you might be missing.

– ROLL don’t FOLD your clothes. It stops creasing and means that you can pack more in.

– Pack mainly neutral coloured t-shirts and bottoms. This way it’s easier to mix and match. Throw in a patterned scarf or jumper to spice it up a bit!

– Don’t panic! As long as you’ve got your passport, a bit of cash and your travel documents then you’ll be fine. Most things you can pick up on the other side.

So there you have it, the ULTIMATE packing list and guide! What are your travel essentials? Have I missed anything out? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links.

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3 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Packing List

  1. Annemarie says:

    I love that you sid that you don’t have to feel like a hobo when travelling. Tha’s what everyone told me. Coincidentally I am writing a blog post about this and throwing over board these stupid pieces of advice. So thanks for reconfirming what I suspected.^^


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