Happy Bloggerversary


Happy Bloggerversary

Happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday thestudenttravels.com, happy birthday to meeee!

If you haven’t guessed already, The Student Travels turns a whole 1-year old today!

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The blog sprouted from a need to begin some sort of half-arsed writing portfolio to now being a piece of my life I can’t imagine being without.

The blog has seen me take leaps of faith in China, get treated like a high-class escort in Croatia and graduate from university. Its been there when I’ve ticked places like Berlin, Switzerland and Dublin off my bucket-list and also been an outlet for all my ‘gap yah’ memories.

Its witnessed me lament the struggles of transitioning from Uni to the ‘real-world’ and decide that the ‘real-world’ just ain’t for me!

Crazy Sky Dive Selfie

I’ve also been lucky enough to have so many of you coming along for the journey as well. From scraping a view-a-day when I first started to the ever-increasing number of you who put up with my rambling today, I can only hope that you continue to indulge my mumblings!

When I started out I never expected to fall head over heels for blogging. I’d never really heard of it before I started, let alone imagined that it was possible to make a career from it. Over the past year I’ve become an avid reader of predominantly travel, blogs and spoken to bloggers from all over the world.

It never fails to surprise me what a welcoming and supportive community travel blogging has. From helping with WordPress meltdowns to recommending the best places to visit in the Philippines, I’ve been bowled over by the helpful emails and comments I’ve received.

Thank you!

Brighton Sunset Heart

It seems fitting that days after the blog’s first birthday, I’m going to be jetting off to begin my new #gaplife. A year ago I could only dream about the white-sand beaches of the Philippines and long brunches in Melbourne, now it’s going to be my reality. What a difference a year makes, eh?


So here’s to another year. Another year of exploration, another year of rambling and another way of life. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Basel Greenhouses

To celebrate my b-day, I’ve put together a list of my fave posts from the past year, have a flick through and enjoy!

 Kavos – How to Avoid Holiday Snobbery

The Fail-Safe Cure for Pre-Summer Blues

 Ooo Ahh Croatia! A Week of Luxury Living in Hvar

A Day in the Life of a Chinese Summer Camp Teacher

The Swiss Alps: Grindelwald

What has been your favourite blog post? Do you write a blog you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages.

Don’t forget to keep me company on Bloglovin’!



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