The Philippines Itinerary

Boracay The countdown has well and truly begun! T-Minus 18 days until I jet off to the sunny (fingers-crossed!) Philippines. But what, I hear you ask, am I planning on doing when I get there? Good question.

Despite having just over 2 weeks till departure, my plan is still pretty non-existant. Which is good, I think… Remember I’m trying to be all spontaneous!

I’m trying to make my travel less rigid and defined by tight schedules and tick-lists. Nevertheless, I have booked some flights (the best way to connect to Philippines gazillion islands) but apart from that, the itinerary is basic to say the least.

Here is the Philippines Itinerary so far:


 First Stop: Manila (2 days)


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I have heard nothing but horror stories about this megacity. I’m desperate to uncover something, ANYTHING redeeming but not desperate enough to extend my stay here for any longer than 2 days…

Second Stop: Boracay (5 days)


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Boracay on the other hand…

I cannot wait to be splayed out on the beach, cocktail in one hand, Kindle in the other. I’m worried that Boracay may be a little touristy but with glorious beaches and spectacular sunsets in abundance, you can’t go too wrong, surely?!

We will be flying into Kalibo from Manila and then hopping back on the plane via Manila to our next stop…

Third Stop: Palawan (12 days)


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We have heard nothing but praise about this gorgeous slice of paradise.

From hiking, kayaking and snorkelling to relaxing and watching the waves roll in, Palawan seems to have it all.

We are going to head to exotic El Nido but apart from that, we will wait and see where the wind takes us.

We will also be celebrating my 23rd birthday here so I expect plenty of San Miguels and too much cake!

Final Stop: Manila (1 day)

And now back full circle. We will have a final night in Manila before heading off to Melbourne!

As my itinerary is so flexible I’d love to hear from you! Have you been to any of the places I’ve listed above? What did you enjoy when you were there? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages. 

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12 thoughts on “The Philippines Itinerary

  1. francaangloitalian says:

    It’s good to be flexible while travelling, it leaves room for suggestions and it make you more open to experience things as they come. It’s good to have a ‘rough’ idea of what to do or go, but it’s not necessary, we (me and Dale) almost never plan, in fact we like to ask our selves ‘unplanners’ 🙂


  2. Sally says:

    You are going to love it. I have just done a month in Boracay and Palawan and it was amazing. If you need any advise or recommendations just give me a shout. I did not plan at all until it was time to move on. It is the best way!


  3. Melinda DiOrio (@MelindaDiOrio) says:

    I’m actually heading to the Philippines myself in one week! My boyfriend was born there and has a lot of family there (in Manila “the megacity”, lol!). Last time we went we were mostly in Manila with a side trip to Boracay and a couple other islands nearby there. I REALLY wanted to go to Palawan, but we didn’t have time because we were on a family itinerary. This time around we aren’t doing the beaches, but I’m excited to explore new areas! Your itinerary sounds perfect. I can’t really speak for traveling in Manila too much, since we were with family most of the time and had specific events planned, but there’s a lot of cool places to be found there. Email me if you like and I will try to get you specifics! Boracay is a beautiful beach that caters to tourists, and I’ve heard Palawan is even more beautiful and less “touristy”. Be patient with the local flights. I was told it was just a short 2 hr flight to Boracay, but between delays, a van ride, a boat ride, and a bumpy jeepney ride – it took us all day. Just take that into account when you’re planning out how you want to spend your days! In the Philippines everyone goes with the flow, and they’re not too big on exact times. 😉 It was well worth the trip though, which of course, is always part of the experience! I hope you have an amazing time!! Such a beautiful country, and the people are the best. 🙂


      • alifenotstyled says:

        Definitely! Also, check out the hipster Burgos area. It used to be popular for being a red light district but there’s a street which has become our own version of hipster street. Eat at this outdoor mexican place called el chupacabra, have yakitori at Tambai which is almost across it! 🙂 enjoy!!!


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