Danesfield House Title

Prim and Proper at Danesfield House

Danesfield House Title

If you’ve read any of this blog then you may be aware that I can be quite frugal at times… All with the purpose of affording to travel of course.

I’m one for roughing it in tents, probably being mistaken for an escort to get free drinks and stocking my fridge with own-brand everything.

But some occasions call for an experience fitting of their importance. Take my sister’s 21st birthday for instance.

What a better way to celebrate than a fancy afternoon tea at one of the most exclusive estates around. Danesfield Hotel & Spa.

Danesfield House TowerDanesfield has recently played host to Hollywood’s highest profile stars at George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s second wedding reception. So we were in good company.

Danesfield House MenuWhen we arrived we were whisked through the gorgeous hotel lobby and into the bright tea room. We had luckily picked the one nice day we’ve had in a while so light spilled through the windows and made the room look even more exquisite.

Danesfield House View

Danesfield House TeaRoom

Danesfield House TeaRoom Group

I’ve never done this whole Afternoon Tea business before (very un-English of me I know!) so I had no idea about the etiquette involved at such an occasion. Even the concept of a tea strainer was foreign to me.

PG Tips, this was not.

White Tea Chinese

Danesfield House TeaWe sat sipping our tea and watching helicopters ferry hotel guests to their next glamorous destination. I’m not even kidding.

Then came the main event. The food.

Danesfield House Afternoon Tea

Tiers of cakey, sandwich-y goodness, topped with warm scones, jam and clotted cream. My mouth’s watering again…

Scones and Tea

With an appetite as unyielding as mine, those three measly tiers and that small looking slab of treats didn’t look like too much of a challenge.

Oh, how wrong I was! There are only so many smoked salmon sandwiches, raspberry macaroons and jam topped scones a girl can handle!

Defeated by a dainty afternoon tea. I hang my head in shame.

When the tea had run dry, we headed for a walk around the hotel and its grounds.

Making time for a bathroom selfie. Obvs.

Danesfield House Bathroom SelfieWe reclined in the drawing-room.


Bar Danesfield House

Before stretching our legs with an amble around the grounds.

Danesfield House Grounds

If you haven’t been before then I would definitely recommend taking the afternoon for tea, especially somewhere that is so stunning. It’s nice to get dressed up and put on your best posh accent once in a while.

Leave the Tesco Value at the door and enjoy the finer things in life for once.

You leave feeling pleasantly full, relaxed and that little bit more classy. Bliss!

Afternoon Tea at Danesfield Hotel & Spa is £25 p/p. Find out more on their website here.

Have you been to afternoon tea before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links. 

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