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The Gap Life Begins

Australia GlobeThe secret is finally out.

At last I get to scream it from the rooftops (or type it enthusiastically onto the blog)!

I’m moving to Australia!

Kicking off in cosmopolitan Melbourne.

yarra cityscapePhoto Credit

It feels so good to finally blurt my plans out to anyone and everyone who will listen.

On March 1st (SO SOON) Ryan and I will be jetting off on a one-way ticket in search of our perfect gap life.

We are both leaving our jobs, family and friends behind to try to forge out a new style of living on the road.

And that’s not just it.

I’m spending 3 weeks in the Philippines too!

Philippines picturePhoto Credit

If only I could convey the way I’m spinning round in my office chair right now.

Excitement levels have reached an all time high. 

The Philippines was an unexpected surprise add-on to our trip. We wanted flights to Oz with a stop off somewhere other than Dubai or Singapore.

Where better than the Philippines?!

When we booked our flights we knew next to nothing about this beautiful country. Luckily, we have heard nothing but praise and can’t wait to be topping up our tan before we touch down in Melbourne.

El Nido

 Photo Credit

I’ll be revealing a more in-depth plan for the Philippines soon. If you have any recommendations then please let me know!

We don’t have much planned when we touch down in Melbourne. We have a couple of friends out there already who we are really excited to catch up with.

We will be renting a place there for a while (if you’re in Melbourne and need two roomies then let me know!) before touring Oz.

I can’t wait to strap on my backpack and get back on the road with no long-term plans and a world full of opportunity.

We will have to work our way around Australia but if the sun’s shining and the beers cold then I’ll be perfectly content!

Australia Whitsundays

I’m so excited to finally be able to share such an epic adventure with you, I reckon it will be quite the ride.

Keep an eye on my countdown clock in the sidebar, I’m watching every single second pass by!

Do you have any travel plans on the horizon? Do you have any top tips for Melbourne or the Philippines? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages. 


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