Ha'penny Bridge Dublin

The Dublin Highlights

Ha'penny Bridge DublinMy time in Dublin whizzed past. A long weekend is never enough for the adventurer in me.

Just as I scratch the surface, I’m dragged back to reality – kicking and screaming all the way.

Even after a short 72 hours in Dublin, I came away with quite a list of highlights and plenty of things to go back for.

My Dublin Highlights

St Stephens Green

St Stephens Green Dublin

As much as I love the buzz of the city, it’s always nice to have somewhere to escape to.

Dublin’s answer is St Stephens Green, the quaintest of parks with perfectly manicured gardens, trickling fountains and the cutest pond frequented by brawling ducks and the occasional heron.

If only it didn’t feel as nippy as it did on our trip. There’s major picnic-potential here.

Coffee at Bewley’s

Bewleys Coffee Dublin

Bewley’s is a Dublin institution. Established on Grafton Street in 1927, the decadent cafe has served steaming cups of coffee to the likes of James Joyce and Bob Geldof.

Bewleys Dublin

Although Bewley’s looks too posh to be attainable on my meagre budget, the price of a cuppa is reasonable and they are really good too!

Cake at Queen of Tarts

Queen of Tarts DublinIt would be very easy to dedicate a whole blog post to places to indulge in foamy cappuccinos and tasty cakes in Dublin. But the highlight of them all has to be Queen of Tarts.

With two locations close to vibrant Temple Bar, Queen of Tarts is a perfect place to rest your weary feet and devour a gorgeous cupcake or three…

Meeting my Literary Icons

Oscar Wilde Statue DublinDublin makes the Literature graduate inside of me giddy. It is the one time that all those weeks slaving away over Ulysses finally pays off.

I can nod knowingly in conversations about Joyce, hang out with my pal Oscar whilst quoting The Importance of Being Earnest and pour over moody portraits of Beckett.

Oscar Wilde Quote

The Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square was my favorite literary sojourn. He’s an all time favorite of mine and a Dublin legend.

Hunting out Street Art

Street Art DublinDublin is rapidly becoming home to some fantastic street art. The highlight of it all must be Tivoli Car Park, hidden down a back street in a nondescript part of town.

I’ve written about its decorative walls here. Since I first discovered this hidden gem, it has morphed and changed, becoming unrecognizable from my first visit. Street Art Dublin

It’s still just as impressive and a must visit if you’re in this part of Dublin.


Guinness in Dublin

Well, it is Ireland after all! A trip to Dublin wouldn’t be the same without a creamy pint of Guinness in your hand. On my first trip as a WKD drinking 18-year old, I had turned my nose up at this unique pint.

This time was a very different story. Guinness is surprisingly moreish and doesn’t leave you feeling too worse for wear the next morning. If it wasn’t for the catastrophic number of calories and 5 euro price tag I’d have it on tap!

For more on my Dublin trip check out my previous post here.

Have you been to Dublin? What were your Dublin highlights? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links.



5 thoughts on “The Dublin Highlights

    • The Student Travels says:

      Haha did they force you to read Ulysses at uni? It just always surprises me how many literary heroes came from good ol’ Dublin! I’m glad I could help you reminisce (I’m jealous you’ve been so often!)


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