Temple Bar Dublin

Coming up on The Student Travels…

Temple Bar DublinExciting new plans and travel adventures have been keeping me busy lately – hence the sporadic blog posts (soz!).

I have some ridiculously exciting ‘gap life’ news in the pipeline and it has been keeping me – and my dwindling bank balance – very busy!

I will be letting you in on my latest plan for my ‘gap life’ soon, so make sure you stick around so I can share my excitement with you.

Otherwise I may explode…

But for now I’ve been distracted by my upcoming trip to Dublin for the last weekend of January.

I have some very fond memories of this place (I’ve blogged about it here) and can’t wait to dig a little deeper (or just camp out in a pub for 3 days).

My Google search history consists of every variation of ‘free things to do in Dublin’ and an itinerary is slowly beginning to spring to life.

But please, please, please let me know if you have any suggestions! The cheaper the better of course!

 Keep an eye on my social media pages (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) for updates about my new and improved ‘gap life’ plans and Dublin shenanigans!

Guinness dublin


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