Antique Globe

A Breath of Fresh Air

Walk Buckinghamshire

After a week of long commutes and rushed gym sessions, there’s nothing better than stretching your legs in the great outdoors.

Taking a breath of fresh air and getting some colour in your cheeks is the perfect remedy for a week in the city.

Especially when you have weather like this.

Tree and Sky

Hills Buckinghamshire

Walking Buckinghamshire

With the family in tow, we headed over the hills in search of the perfect pub lunch.

Sheep Buckinghamshire

Sheep Buckinghamshire Grazing

It was hard to believe that this was the middle of January. With the sun beating down, scarves and gloves were peeled off, replaced by sunglasses and light jackets.

Family Walk Buckinghamshire After the rolling expanse of hills, we headed deep into the woods.

Chiltern Walk

Woodland Path

With the ‘Into the Woods’ soundtrack ringing in my ears, my eyes scanned the forest for a flash of Red Riding Hood or a creepy Johnny Depp.

Instead, I settled for a fleeting glimpse of a deer’s bum…

Deers Buckinghamshire

Wildlife photography may not be my forte…

Emerging from the woods, we were greeted by swaying fields of wilted corn and fluffy bushes of Bedwine.

Corn Field Bucks

Corn Field Buckinghamshire

Old Man's BeardEventually we ended up at my favorite antique shop, Home Barn in Bourne End.

Antiques Bourne End

Eye-wateringly expensive but a treasure trove of home inspiration.

I was in heaven.

Antique Shop

Converted Barn

Antique Globe

paint antique shop

United Kingdom Flags

Just don’t look at the price-tags…

With the walk over, we scraped the mud off our boots and headed to the pub. With a gin & tonic in hand and a steaming plate of lamb and mash in front of me I was perfectly content.

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need.

Have you been on any fresh country walks recently? Do you like being in the great outdoors? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media pages. 



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