gopro sunset shot

6 Signs You’ve Just Got a Gopro

Gopro’s popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With Christmas wiping the shelves clean, Gopros are hard to come by in store.

So when I saw that the local PC World had a single Gopro Hero 3 in stock, I jumped at the chance!

There’s just one slight problem.

At the present moment I happen to be living in the suburbs, I don’t have any adventurous hobbies and the closest I get to being underwater is when I have a bath.

With Gopro specific activities ruled out, I had to scramble some way of testing it out.

If you’re in a similar situation then I bet you can relate to these.

6 Signs You’ve Just Got a Gopro (and are dying to use it…).

1- You  desperately seek sunsets

gopro sunset shotAnything in the slightest bit photogenic and you pounce on it. Sunsets are the money-shots of choice for most. A good’un can make even the dreariest corners of the world look beautiful.

2- You make the most of the wi-fi. Look! No hands!

gopro couple piggyback

gopro couple shotsHey, my camera has wi-fi so I can bop around in the great outdoors and act as if no-one is watching!

3- You jump around a lot and photograph it 
Gopro action shotBecause you can!

4- You clutch at straws when taking underwater snaps

Gopro underwater No, this wasn’t taken from down the toilet! It was in fact taken in the sink… You have to check out the underwater function somehow right?!

5- Pretty much all your initial photos have your finger in them

gopro scenery shotIt’s easy to forget about the pesky wide-lens!

6-You consider getting a hobby


Photo Credit

 Because recording yourself running up and down the stairs just doesn’t cut it.

Regardless of all these bloopers, I can’t wait to start using my Gopro as it was intended. Perhaps in a couple of months I can post pictures of me surfing perfect waves or a selfie on top of Everest? You never know…

Have you got a Gopro? Taken any shots more imaginative than mine? Let me know in the comments below or via my social media links. Inspire me!



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