Moon Close-Up Photography

8 Photos Everyone With a New Camera Takes

Perhaps, like me, you were the lucky recipient of a camera this Christmas.

After unwrapping mine on Christmas Day it has never left my side, photographing anything and everything I’ve stumbled upon.

Here are the 8 photos that anyone with a new camera is bound to have experimented with…

1- The Selfie

Selfie Photography

With faces bloated with Christmas turkey, these selfies may not be the best of the year… Nevertheless the selfie is the first picture we all take – don’t deny it! – and the true testament of a good camera!

2- The Art of Reflection

Reflections PhotographyThe way the water ripples, the dark smudges of oak between reeds, erratic scratches of branches on the surface… Reflection shots have it all.

3 – Landscape

Landscape PhotographyYour post-Christmas ramble would be nothing without coming home with an SD-card stuffed with landscape shots. Testing out your camera with pictures of the rolling hills of home are a must.

4 – Effects

Ram Effect Photography

Red Highlight PhotographyAfter an afternoon of experimenting you discover that  your camera offers a range of effects and edits for your festive snaps. Make that sheep look like it has been painted by Monet or your parents look like a still from Schindler’s List. Gimmicks, but fun none the less!

5 – The Couple Shot

Couple PhotographyIf you’re one of a pair then a new camera creates the opportunity for those super-cutesy couple snaps. Unfortunately some couples are more photogenic than others…

6 – Close-ups

Moon Close-Up PhotographyI was told that my new camera was praised for its zooming abilities. Keen to try it out, I could think of no better zoom-worthy target than the moon.

With crystal clear skies, I was able to take this shot and am pretty sure that if there was life on the moon I’d be able to see it. Step aside NASA.

7 – Sunset

Sunset PhotographyIn terms of travel, sunsets are the money shots. Unfortunately there haven’t been many good’uns in my neck of the woods recently but I did manage to snap this melting sun and a beautiful pylon to boot…

8- Panoramas

Panorama PhotographyAlthough panoramic settings are pretty standard on most camera models, I’ve never had a camera or phone which has supported it. Panoramic photos make everything look good and a bit quirky, cue countless pictures of your living room or garden!

Did any of you guys get a camera for Christmas? What have you been snapping away at? Let me know and share your best shots in the comments or via my social media pages!

All featured pictures were taken on the Sony DSC-HX50.


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