The Traveller’s Gift Guide

We are now at the point where Christmas panic has set it. If, like me, you are consistently unorganised when it comes to the big day then don’t fret!

I have compiled a list of gifts for you to shower upon the traveler in your life.

If you are a travel addict yourself then this list may give you some last-minute Santa suggestions (and I wouldn’t say no to any of them either – HINT HINT…).

As a budget traveler myself, these gifts won’t break the bank if you are saving up for that next trip!

If you like what you see, follow the links in the headings to find out more.

Photo Album

Paperchase Photo Album

Making photo albums of my trips is always at the top of my to-do list yet always manages to never get done. I have so many photos of my travels but nowhere to put them all! If only I had this lovely photo album to store all my precious memories…

Paperchase, £20.

Passport Cover

World Map Passport Cover

I know they can be a bit of a faff at airports but passport covers are a great way to jazz up your travel documents! This vintage map print is timeless and would suit any frequent flyer.

gettingpersonal.co.uk, £14.99.

Travel Mug

Ted Baker Mug

This mug is just crazy cute. Part of an equally adorable range from Ted Baker, this mug is hardy enough to rattle around in your rucksack and quirky enough to start a conversation in the hostel kitchen. I’m always finding that I need a mug for my morning coffee when I’m away and this one would be perfect!

John Lewis, £10.


Sony A500 CameraA camera is top of my wish-list this year. However, cameras these days seem incredibly expensive and as an amateur photographer I don’t need all the bells and whistles the pricey models come with.

The Sony A5000 is compact, wifi-enabled and £259 which is pretty cheap. Travelling can be messy so I think spending any more would be risky as you can’t guarantee it’s safe return…

John Lewis, £259.


Go Pro CameraGoPros seem to be the modern travelers weapon of choice. Whether it’s getting snaps underwater, glorious selfies or being able to stream your pics to your devices – the GoPro can do it all. With many shops already sold out, let’s hope they make a comeback for the January sales!

John Lewis, £199.95.

Scratch Map

Scratch MapBeen to more countries than you can remember? Fear not as the Scratch Map is here to help! A great visual representation of your trips abroad, the race is on to scratch them all…

scratchmap.org, £15.95.


WashbagI had to include one extravagant item, and who would guess that it would be a wash bag?! I’ve had my eye on it for months as I love the print and the size but the price tag shows no sign of budging. If you want to treat your traveler then a little splurge can’t do any harm…

John Lewis,  £34.95.


Easyjet Plane

To anywhere. I’ve discovered recently that on skyscanner.net you can select your local airport and type ‘everywhere’ to find the cheapest flights going. It’s a great way to stumble across somewhere you wouldn’t have considered (and one of the best gifts you can get a travel addict!).

skyscanner.net, prices vary.

What do you want for Christmas? Has anything on this list tickled your fancy? Let me know on social media or in the comments below. Merry Christmas!


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