Spiritland Shoreditch

Rediscovering Shoreditch

I didn’t see what the fuss about Shoreditch was.

Blasphemous I know.

I had been to Shoreditch on many occasions, predominately at night, and had repeatedly been left disappointed. The arty shops, cafes and bars seemed to be non-existent, the roads were choked with traffic and everything seemed lifeless.

But this time I cracked it.

Hopping off at Old Street tube station, Ryan and I headed straight for Shoreditch High Street. As it was a Friday night the streets were buzzing with people (90% of which had beards – so East London…) and the bars were beginning to fill.

With grumbling stomachs we stumbled across a covered street food market and rushed straight to Freebird Burrito.

Food Market Stalls ShoreditchThe burritos were quite small for their £5 price tag but nice enough, especially when enjoyed in such unique surroundings. Just remember to dress up warm!

Food Market Shoreditch

Pop Up Food Market Shoreditch

With the burritos polished off we moved on to the Merchants Tavern on Charlotte Road. A visit here had been the real reason for the trek across London.

Ryan is really into his music and had found out about the Merchants Tavern due to its new resident – Spiritland.

Spiritland ShoreditchSpiritland uses some of the most polished sound systems in the world. During Spiritland’s residency the Merchants Tavern is frequented by famous and lesser known DJs who take it in turns to pick out their favorite vinyls. You can kick back with a drink or some food and enjoy the music.

Brooklyn Lager Shoreditch

Spiritland Speakers

Spiritland merchants tavern

Entrance is completely free but drinks are standard London prices. (The bottled beer pictured was £5).

The best thing was that although the bar was crowded the atmosphere was so relaxed and the music, although unfamiliar, was great!

Spiritland’s residency is coming to an end on January 1st 2015, so get there quick! You can find out more about it here.

I don’t know where I had been going wrong in the past but I can safely say that I have rediscovered Shoreditch and can’t wait to see more.

Have you been to the Merchants Tavern? What did you think? What do you think of Shoreditch? Let me know via social media or in the comments below.



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