The Best Travel Experiences of 2014

This year, I’ve had a surprisingly bumper crop of adventures. From sunning myself in Greece and Croatia to being all cultural in Berlin and Basel, I’ve had my fair share of trips.

They’ve all been great but here is my round-up of the best of the best this year.

Longleat Safari Park, Somerset


I was sceptical, I’ll be honest. Sharing a crowded tourist attraction with gangs of youth never really appeals to me. But Longleat had me stumped! Safari, mazes, an impressive estate, cruises, funfairs – it had it all. I even got to selfie with a giraffe (kind of). You can’t tell me that Longleat isn’t awesome.

Tower Poppies, London

Tower of London Poppies

I’m sure that everyone who visited the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation at the Tower of London would agree with me on this one. A truly awe-inspiring one off, this ever-evolving memorial captured the hearts and imaginations of the nation. It seemed like half the nation turned up on the same day I did, it was that busy! 

Tucking into Greek Food, Lefkas

Greek Moussaka

My trip to Lefkas was so relaxing. Hopping between the infinity pool and the beach can be hungry work, but luckily Lefkas served up some of the best Greek food I have ever had. Kleftiko, moussaka, halloumi and feta were all washed down with the local beer and wine- which was pretty tasty too! A must-visit destination for Grecian foodies. Read more from my trip here.

Living the High Life, Croatia

Grey Goose Vodka

Hvar, off the coast of Split, was so. much. fun. A strictly girls-only holiday, Hvar lived up to its new party-fuelled reputation. Being a group of girls seemed to work in our favour and Hvar’s wealthy visitors showed us how to party in style! Well, either that or we were escorts for the night…

Street Parties, Berlin and London

Partying the night away.

I was lucky enough to wander into one of Berlin’s biggest street parties, the May Day Celebration in Kreuzberg. Totally unexpected- and totally ‘Berlin’- the party was a great surprise and we spent the night alternating between different music stages and sipping cheap beer on the street. Perfect.

Notting Hill Carnival was not as impromptu but just as fun. I hadn’t been since I was a child and now my Beyonce moves are a lot more polished so I could shake it with the best of them- not…

Hanging out with Horses, New Forest

Camping New Forest

I loved frolicking across moors and falling off climbing trees. All that ‘getting back to nature’ stuff really works. Camping in the woods was so calming and coffee boiled on a gas stove tasted so much better than my usual.

I even managed to avoid getting kicked by the scary ponies, maybe they’re not as evil as they seem…

Feeling Chilly, Grindelwald

Swiss chalet

My visit to Switzerland was special, not only because it was a fantastic trip, but because it proved that I can be spontaneous.

This last minute trip was everything I needed and more. The crisp alpine air left me feeling reinvigorated and wanting more! Grindelwald and the surrounding Alps haven’t seen the last of me yet! Check out what I got up to here.

What have been your favorite travel experiences? Have you been to any of the destinations I’ve mentioned above? Let me know!

For more pictures of my travels, check out my Instagram page.


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