Wedding Table

The Wonderful Wedding

This weekend was a whirlwind!

The first of my group of girls was getting married!

Heading off at the crack of dawn on Saturday, we made our way to deepest darkest Kent, the home of my friend’s fiancé. Managing to glide down the M25, we made excellent time, arriving at our gorgeous B&B in time for brunch.

We were staying at Beacon Hall House, a beautiful family home surrounded by scenic fields and pretty villages. The hostess, Julie, had graciously allowed us to check-in early so that we had time to get ready for the wedding. She had even allowed all six of us to stay in her two double rooms. We thought it would be a squeeze but the beds were the biggest I have EVER seen (and the comfiest I have slept in).

Wedding Bed Hotel


Photo Credit

With lots of time to spare, we skipped to the closest village, Tenterden, for some food. The village was chocolate-box cute, with darling tea rooms and craft shops bustling with country-folk. I thought I lived in the countryside, but it was nothing compared to here. Where did they buy their clothes from?! There definitely wasn’t a Primark…

During a lovely brunch at The Secret Pantry, we were cut short by a phone call from a friend, now stranded at the local station. Apparently, they don’t do taxis in the countryside either!

Wedding Brunch

Panicking, we abandoned our bacon butties (that was painful) and rushed back to the B&B where Julie luckily offered to pick her up. We couldn’t have been more grateful! This would never have happened if we were staying in a chain hotel and we would have ended up missing the wedding. It’s all about the small family run businesses!

We ended up hitching a lift in the back of Julie’s Land Rover and made it to the church on time to watch our beautiful friend walk down the aisle.

The wedding was lovely and the perfect send off for our friend, who will now be moving to this tiny Kent village for the foreseeable future.

Wedding Hall

Wedding Table

Wedding Place Setting

Wedding Card Tree

After an energetic night of barn dancing we rounded the evening off with a nightcap at the local and headed back to our heavenly beds.

A weekend well spent!

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Have any adventures?


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