Barbados Beach

Why You Should Travel Out of Season

There are plenty of reasons to travel out of season. Here are a few of mine!


The main reason a lot of people choose to travel out of season is down to cost.  Pricey hotels and apartments slash their costs, flights are reduced and many activities and attractions (if they’re open) will lower their charge.

For the budget traveller, being an out of season tourist enables us to stay in places we could never have afforded and see places that would otherwise have been too expensive.

Low season is a great time to bag a bargain renting out a self-catered holiday home or apartment in the UK. The National Trust own holiday retreats all over the UK and their prices plummet in low season.

I stayed at Wydcombe Cottage this weekend and couldn’t recommend it enough.

With National Trust period properties there is an added bonus of feeling all Austen-esque, which I fully embraced as I read my book by the roaring fire.

Check out more of their gorgeous properties (and prices) here.

Isle of Wight Cottage


…Or the lack thereof. The eerie stillness of a place out of season is quite an experience. Wander along a deserted beach and revel in the fact that it is there just for you.

When places are packed for events, such as Koh Phangan’s infamous Full Moon Parties, look for cheaper (and often better) alternatives. Why not check out Koh Phangan’s psychedelic Half Moon parties instead?

Then you avoid the inflated accommodation costs, crowds and a lot of the trouble which has become synonymous with the Full Moon Party brand.

Half Moon Party


There are proven psychological benefits to taking a break, especially when it comes to the winter months. A week or even just a weekend away does wonders for your state of mind, relaxing and focusing you more than spending the weekend in bed.

Even active holidays can be relaxing; a bout of fresh air is enough to put anyone right!

Swiss Alps


The weather is key in defining a destination’s peak season. We are told to avoid the hot season or the monsoon season or that it’s too cold or too drizzly. But wiping out entire months due to weather may not be a the best idea.

Do your research to see how much the weather actually affects day-to-day life, it would be mad to turn down a bargain during the ‘rainy season’ despite it only raining for an hour each afternoon.

Take Barbados as an example. The low season is in the summer when most of the Caribbean is battered by tropical storms. Barbados, however, tends to avoid the brunt of the storms which makes it a great (and heavily discounted) place to visit.

Barbados Beach


Visiting a place out of season is one of the few ways to see how the local people really live. Rather than being lost in crowds of tourists or hollering behind souvenir stalls, locals can just be themselves, and often seem a lot more relaxed for it.

Sit back and watch a community as it should be, unperturbed by bus loads of flustered tourists.

Angkor Wat


You never know quite what to expect when you visit somewhere off peak- which is half the fun. It may be a gamble but aren’t the best memories made when you take risks?

Cook Islands Aitutaki


Do you travel out of season? What are your reasons behind it? Let me know!


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