Basel Gate

5 Hours in Basel

With only 5 hours to spend in Basel before catching my flight home, I had a lot to squeeze in. It was lucky that it was a Sunday, when pretty much everything is closed, meaning that I didn’t get distracted by shopping and could focus on Basel’s quaint, winding streets.

So, here’s my list of what to do with your 5 hours in Basel:

Take a self-guided walking tour

Basel Tourist Office have very helpfully created a leaflet packed full of self-guided walking tours. The tours vary in time and ease and are all named after Basel’s former famous residents. We chose the 90 minute tour which led you across the mighty Rhine and ambled along its banks. With a little extra time on our hands we merged a couple of the other routes together and explored Basel’s medieval streets.

Start the tour in Marktplatz and follow the signposted trails.

Basel Medieval Street Basel Rhine

Have a McDonalds

Ok, weird I know but hear me out. Swiss Mcdonalds is the best! Instead of french fries you can choose rosti-fries which are like little hash browns, what’s not to love?! Their gourmet burgers are very nice as well and although the final bill can come to over £10 per person it’s worth it I promise!

Explore Basel University’s Botanic Gardens

A real hidden gem. We stumbled across this tropical oasis by accident and it came as quite a surprise! The gardens and greenhouses are free to explore and will let you stave off that winter chill for a while!

Basel Botanical Gardens Basel Greenhouses

Take the token photos of the Town Hall and Gate of Spalen

These are truly spectacular buildings and well worth a visit. Take your photos in the mornings before large groups of visitors begin to get in your way. I love their patterned roofs!

Basel Rathaus Basel Gate

Pick out your dream house

Followers of my Instagram account may have noticed that I found my dream house during my trip to Grindelwald. In Basel, I began the search for my dream city residence- and competition was high. The homes in Basel are gorgeous and I could just imagine myself watching the world go by outside my shutter-framed windows.

Basel Home Basel Architecture

Grab a coffee

Basel is full of cutesy coffee shops which are a great place to rest your tired feet. My favorite was the main coffee shop inside the converted Schweizerische Volksbank. Find a place beside the roaring fire and treat yourself to a lovely cuppa.

Basel Coffee

Basel is a charming city and one which I would love to explore more. Have you been to Basel, what do you think I missed?


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