The Swiss Itinerary

The countdown to my weekend away in Switzerland has well and truly begun. I am so excited to be escaping if only for a long weekend.

As planning for this trip has been a bit of a rush and very much unexpected I haven’t been able to plan as meticulously as I’d like! I’ve been led to believe that this is a good thing though and I’d like to keep up my new-found spontaneity as long as my sanity allows…

After having an absolute nightmare trying to book train travel (as followers of my Twitter account are very much aware…) I have finally managed to secure seats on a train to Grindelwald.

I almost gave up but with scenery like this I had to persevere. I mean, come on now how pretty is this?!

Grindelwald View

As with everything in Switzerland, train travel is super expensive. A return 2.5 hour journey from Basel to Grindelwald is £59- more expensive than our flights and that’s with a SuperSaver Ticket!

But I don’t think it would be right to leave Switzerland without sampling some of its fresh mountain air.

We will be in Grindelwald for a night and then head back to Basel for the day on Sunday. With our budget blown already, it’s going to be a bit of a basic trip but hopefully the Swiss scenery will be priceless!

As ever I’ll keep you posted. Be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for Swiss pics galore.

Have you visited Basel or Grindelwald before? I would love to hear some of your top tips for things to do in the area. Contact me on the social media links above, leave a comment or email me


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