Meatliquor Brighton

Review: Meatliquor, Brighton

Meatliquor is achingly cool. Making itself at home in hipster-hotspot Brighton, Meatliquor is something else.

MEAT Brighton

Circus BrightonThere’s a freaky circus theme running through the restaurant, with diners seated in cages decorated with garish lights and menacing clown faces.

The whole place is bathed in a red light giving the restaurant a dodgy nightclub feel.

Red Light Restaurant

Meatliquor is extremely popular, especially on a Saturday night. I recommend booking ahead, as we did not. We were seated at the bar and waited patiently for a table to appear.

As the name suggests, Meatliquor is hot on its cocktails. They looked fabulous and the bartenders stirred and shook with a fiery passion in their eyes. Unfortunately they were way out of my price-range so I had to make do looking on longingly.

Brighton Bar

The wait gave us a chance to flick through the menu. Meatliquor isn’t the cheapest place around- you’re definitely paying for the novelty- but their menu is packed full of tasty fast-food.

Meatliquor Menu

When my name was called we practically ran to our seats, drooling over everyone’s trays of burgers and fries.

Unfortunately the Saturday night rush had relegated us to the stools at the window rather than one of the funky caged booths.

It was a perfect spot for moody selfies though…

Meatliquor Brighton

But now, time for the food…

Meatliquor Burgers

My boyfriend had been raving about the Dirty Chicken Burgers here. A deep fried chicken breast, a blue cheese sauce, mayo and a special hot sauce squidged between fluffy buns.

My hopes were high.

The packed restaurant looked on in anticipation as I took my first bite…

Meatliquor Customers

I didn’t like it!

I’m sorry to say that this particular burger just wasn’t up my street.

Meatliquor Brighton

Just a bit too salty for me, sorry Ry!

Meatliquor Drinks

Saying that, I would love to go back again. This place is fabulously crazy and whipping up quite a frenzy in Brighton and London alike.

If you want to find out more then visit the website here.

Have you tried Meatliquor yet?


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