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Travel Quotes

Now, I often find travel quotes cheesy and just down-right cringe.

But with the constant onslaught of drizzly, grey days it’s sometimes nice to know that there is a wealth of cringey snippets floating around the internet to add a dash of inspiration to those boring days. 

Mr Jack Kerouac is a favourite when it comes to beautifully composed nomadic inspiration. A true wanderer and free, creative spirit you know that he took his own life philosophy seriously.

Now the internet has allowed anyone to become an instant philosopher and a quick Google of ‘travel quotes’ produces a Pinterest lover’s dream of lovingly depicted quotes.

travel quote proverbgo there quote

I hate to admit it, but these quotes do seem to stir my adventurous side and make my feet that little bit itchier.

If you’re ever feeling like everything’s a bit bleak then I recommend a sneaky Google search. Go on, I promise I won’t tell!

What are your favourite travel quotes? Let me know!


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