Review: Five Guys, Reading

Five GuysThere’s few places which really live up to their hype, and Five Guys is the most hyped burger joint around.

Critics, bloggers and every Tom, Dick ‘n’ Harry have championed this American import and praise covers every inch of the restaurant walls.

To be honest, I wasn’t in the best mood as I joined the queue at the Reading branch. I had managed to get lost on the way to the shopping centre and instead of taking 40 minutes, the journey took two and a half hours. I had lost the will to live and the Saturday crowds were not making me feel much better.

Five Guys Menu

Stepping up to the counter, grumbling about the inflated burger prices I placed my order of the Little Bacon Cheeseburger with all the trimmings, large fries (to share) and the famous refillable drink.

I grabbed a seat by the expansive window whilst the boyfriend patiently took his place in the queue.

Reading The OracleFive Guys is unapologetically U-S-A, with bold brash decor and blaring American anthems.

Five Guys ReadingThe food is a reflection of American indulgence at its best. And it couldn’t come soon enough.

Five Guys Meal Five Guys BurgerIt’s just like Christmas as you unwrap the greasy goodies.

Five Guys Fries Five Guys Little BurgerThe burger might not be the most photogenic but each and every bite was heaven. Crunchy onions, tasty mushrooms and a succulent fresh patty.

We had chosen the spicy fries to accompany our burger delight. The fries are unique in the fact that they are cooked in the healthier peanut oil. They’re still not the best for the waist line but they’re a whole lot more wholesome than McDo.

Now, on to the drinks.

Five Guys Drink

I see free refills as a bit of a challenge. It doesn’t help that I’m forever on a budget and so getting value for money is high on my list of priorities.

With over a hundred flavours of Coca-Cola branded drinks to choose from, I set myself a challenge to sample as many varieties as possible. Orange diet coke, cherry powerade, fruit punch lemonade… I was in my element.

I’m happy to say that Five Guys promised the world and delivered. They may be cocky and in-your-face but the proof is in the eating… and the empty tin foil.

Five Guys FullIt even made me crack a smile and after my morning, that is the highest praise I could give!

Five Guys Instagram

Find your closest branch here: Have you tried them yet? Let me know what you think!


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