Festival Camping

A Weekend Retreat

Festival Camping

This weekend I am going to be catching up with my forgotten friend; good ol’ Mumma Nature.

My boyfriend and I are retreating back into the wild and heading deep into the forest, the New Forest to be exact, to hide amongst the trees and watch wild horses gallop peacefully in the clearings.

We are going to be camping, which is something I haven’t done sober for a while… I hope it’s quite refreshing to wake up with sunlight streaming into your tent and the fresh air only a zip away. It will be nice to be civilized for once! (Or as civilized as camping can be…)

My boyfriend has enjoyed romanticising our little break. He imagines collecting firewood and riding wild horses bareback through the forest. I just hope for a couple of nice walks and maybe a trip to the seaside. He wants to head off the beaten track and wander into the dark depths of the forest and live off wild berries. I’m sure we will find a compromise somewhere!

Regardless, it will be a nice trip down memory lane. I haven’t been to the New Forest for years, despite it being just over an hour away. I was put off for a couple of years after an unfriendly horse didn’t take kindly to my chubby fingers prodding its behind…

Any New Forest tips will be greatly appreciated, I want to make the most of this weekend away and squeeze in as much as I can.

Also, I’d love to know if you guys have any camping horror stories? Get in contact with me or leave a comment and let me know!

Camping Festival


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