When in Brighton… Pop in for a Pint!

Lion and Lobster Brighton

I discovered this little Brighton gem a while ago. Well, I say ‘I’, but it was actually my friend’s local when he was a student in the town.

The lucky bugger happened to have one of Brighton’s best pubs on his doorstep and happily introduced me over a Sunday lunch (which, by the way, are incredible!).

When you first walk in to the ‘Lion and Lobster’ it is as if you’ve stepped back in time (if you excuse the adorable fairy lights…). The downstairs is gloomy and atmospheric with dark wooden paneling lining the walls. I almost expected Oliver Twist and his crew to be hiding around the corners, and to spot Fagin twiddling his thumbs behind a cloud of smoke.

Alas, I was disappointed by the lack of Dicken’s characters but the scene completely changes as you wind your way up the stairs.

Lion and Lobster

Lion and Lobster Guinness

The roof terrace is the ‘Lion and Lobster’s’ best feature. Spread over two floors, this semi-covered terrace is al fresco boozing at its best. There is another bar up here and the drink prices aren’t too bad either. Sip a pint- or two – and admire the paintings and murals which adorn the walls.

Find your own little nook and make yourself at home. Brighton at its best!

What’s your favorite drinking hole?

Lion and Lobster Art


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