When in Brighton… Eat Ice-Cream

I think everyone needs to treat their inner-child once in a while, and what better way to do it than spoil yourself with ice-cream!

When you’re by the seaside it’s simply rude to resist the lure of a frosty cone and there’s no better place for one than Gelato Gusto.

Gelato Gusto Brighton

Tucked away down the North Lane (the gem in Brighton’s studded shopping crown), Gelato Gusto is one of the best gelato joints in town. With windows plastered with awards, this place is the real deal. They serve up all the traditional flavours alongside taste-bud tingling curveballs such as Jaffa Cake and Syrup Sponge Pudding scoops.

The gelato and sorbets are served in some of the best, crunchy cones I’ve had and are almost as good as the fillings themselves.

Gelato Gusto Ice CreamHowever, quality doesn’t come cheap with a single scoop setting you back £2.50. It’s rare of me to say, but it is definitely worth every penny.

Gelato Gusto The Lanes


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