The Mid-Week Update

I think my fingers may fall off.

It might sound dramatic but the amount of keyboard-thumping they’ve had to endure this week is beginning to take its toll. I wouldn’t be surprised if they crumbled into dust before the week’s out!

My keen-eyed Twitter followers will notice that I’ve been doing something pretty special this week. (If you’re out of the loop, follow me @StudentRucksack).

London Commuters

This week I’ve been doing work experience at The Telegraph newspaper. I was lucky enough to be chosen after applying for a week with the Weekend Supplements team.

I applied through the TMG academy which runs great placements throughout the year. I had desperately been searching for an internship to boost my CV but who can afford to work for free for up to a year and pay the commuting costs? Definitely not me.

The TMG academy offer the best of both worlds. The week long work experience is just long enough to gain valuable CV fodder yet short enough not to break the bank.

I have heard mixed reviews from other guys doing work experience here though. I am amazingly fortunate to have had the opportunity to write articles for the online publications and provide copy for the property section in print. A friend helping on the sports desk is yet to be so lucky as the fast-paced world of sport leaves the team with little time to delegate assignments.

Working for one of the most read newspapers in the country is tiring work, but us blessed work experience folk get to saunter out of the office at 5.30pm and get home in time for tea!

Here are two articles I’ve already had published. The ‘Chocolate PhD’ piece was even the 2nd most read content on the Food & Drink section yesterday!!!(Yeah, that was pretty darn cool).

From Moscato to tequila: what do pop and rock stars drink?

Cambridge University seeks sweet­toothed student for chocolate PhD.

For more information about TMG Academy placements, visit their website here.

Have you had the opportunity to get any great work experience? Let me know in the comments box below or tweet me @StudentRucksack.



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