‘Destination: Memory Lane’ Blogging Challenge

Blog Challenge

Matt, from Travel Geek UK, kindly passed on this new blogging challenge to me via Twitter.It sounds like a really nice way to share with you my fave travel memories and cheekily re-live them myself.

Here’s the lowdown:

Down the Wrabbit Hole – The Travel Bucket List has created the “Destination: Memory Lane” Blogging Challenge.  We have asked travel bloggers to present the TOP FIVE posts that contain your favorite travel memories.’

So here’s my Top 5 Travel Memories:

A Day in the Life of a Chinese Summer Camp Teacher. One of my favorite blog posts to date. This was one of the most exhausting and draining experiences of my life but also one of the best. This was what my day was like, seven days a week , none stop for a fortnight!

Best of Berlin: The Alternative Walking Tour. Berlin was such a whirlwind of colour, craziness and culture. The alternative walking tour allowed me to scratch away at its underground past and delve deeper into the ‘real’ Berlin.

Ooh Aah Croatia! A Week of Luxury Living in Hvar. My girls-only holiday to the party island of Hvar is definitely not a trip I’ll forget in a hurry (as much as the vodka tried to erase my memories!). A beautiful island under threat from encroaching party-tourism. A tricky moral dilemma for a traditional traveler.

Aye, Aye Cap’n. A post on my day as Captain of my very own ship! Or tiny speedboat. Nevertheless, this seafaring post documents my day at sea, cruising the islands of Lefkas in Greece. Oh, what I’d give to be that tanned again…

The 7 Interesting Characters of the 720 Bus… Throwback to my ‘gap yah’ in 2011. The side of Los Angeles which isn’t all sparkly and covered in sun kissed, siliconed celebrities. Travelling on public transport in LA is definitely not for the faint hearted or the lone traveler as I quickly discovered!


They should keep you busy for a while if you fancy a read.

Now I get to pass on this trip down good ol’ memory lane to five more of my favorite bloggers!

1- The Globe Trotting Graduate (You may not have many yet but the memories you have written about are pretty darn good!)

2- The Nomadic Backpacker

3- Daeback Dayz

4- Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains

5- The Pin The Map Project


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