The ‘Extreme’ Series

Sky Diving New Zealand

I was only planning on writing one post on my favorite extreme activities but when I started writing, I found it hard to stop!

I’ve written a piece on white water rafting here, but have so far neglected to mention my other stories of New Zealand’s other crazy past-times.

So, I have decided to dedicate a whole series to New Zealand’s mental extreme side and shed a light on my experience of it.

For the next three Mondays I will be dedicating a post to three different Kiwi experiences. The good ol’ bungee, the exhilarating sky-dive and the surreal black water rafting. I will be laying out the costs, ranking the fear factor and giving you guys the low-down on the experience itself.

To introduce ‘The ‘Extreme’ Series’, I’ll start by sharing my Top 5 Tips on how to make the most of your extreme activity.

Hold on to your hat folks!

Top 5 Tips

1- The scarier the better! I have a severe phobia of heights, specifically of falling from a height. So what better way to knock this fear on the head than doing a bungee jump! Sounds mental but trust me on this one. The more scared you are, the bigger and better the adrenalin rush will be afterwards.

2- Been there, done that, now get the t-shirt! This is a once in a lifetime experience so why not stock up on all the merchandise you can! Sure, it’s pretty expensive but you’ll look cool when you wear that slogan tee down the gym back home. Or a total ‘gap yah’ dick, but hey, you sky-dived!

3- Location, location, location. New Zealand is the homeland of adventure and extreme activities. There is probably no better (or safer) place on earth to get stuck into an extreme activity. Once you get there it is essential that you choose the right place to do your activity. You’ve already forked out a small fortune to do this, so why wouldn’t you choose the most amazing place to do it? Sky-diving over Lake Taupo is beautiful, and I obviously only throw myself head first into scenic gorges when I bungee. Not from a crummy crane on a paved car park, thank you!

4- Shop around! Loads of companies are going to try to vie for your business, especially when there is an abundance of activities concentrated in one place, like Queenstown for example. If you want to do the lot, then it may be cheaper buying them in a bundle and if you know you want to buy some merchandise then there are loads of deals available for that too. If you are travelling New Zealand on one of the famous bus tours (eg. Kiwi Experience or Magic Bus) then your tour operator will usually get you the best deal.

5- Accept the cost. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make sure you budget for it accordingly. There is no point opting for the cheapest and shortest free-fall time on your sky-dive, it just isn’t the same. Check out your options in advance so you can prepare yourself for shelling out such a sizeable chunk from your travel fund. You may weep as you empty your pockets but if you’ve picked right it will so be worth it!

Hopefully I’ve given you a tantalizing taste of what is to come! Pop back on Monday for the first instalment of ‘The ‘Extreme’ Series’, starting with the one and only bungee jump!

In the meantime, what is the most extreme thing you have ever done? Leave a comment below or get in contact via Twitter @StudentRucksack.

See ya Monday!

Bungy New Zealand


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