Street Art in Dublin

Dublin Street ArtI love turning a corner and stumbling upon something completely unexpected.

A hidden Catholic church (like on my recent London trip), a pretty park or a quirky shop, anything that makes you stop for a minute and think, wow.

Irish Street ArtThis place in Dublin was just that.  Hidden down a back road and discovered on our way back from the local Tesco, an otherwise nondescript car park had become a secret gallery for hundreds of doodlers and street artists.

Dublin GraffitiThis little plot of land was splattered in colour which exploded on the dull, imposing concrete. Liberating its own patch of the city.

Street Art Car ParkEvery carefully crafted piece had a story, its own reason for being. It infuriated me that I would never learn them. Instead I amused myself walking around and snapping my favourite pieces, like this weird and wonderful gem below.

Funny Street artNeedless to say, the ice cream I had bought from Tescos was beyond help when we finally made it home!

What has made you stop and think ‘wow’ recently?


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